Copyright protects the expression of ideas in tangible forms, including works like novels or computer programmes. Read on to find out more about copyright.

Copyright Tribunal

The Copyright Tribunal is a forum for resolving licensing disputes between collective management organisations and users of copyright materials.

Structure of the Copyright Tribunal

There is a President to the Copyright Tribunals, as well as two Deputy Presidents and up to 15 members. Either the President or a Deputy President may preside over a Tribunal that is formed, and each Tribunal will consist of three members.

The current presiding Copyright Tribunal is James Leong, Chief Knowledge Management Officer, Supreme Court and Family Justice Courts of Singapore. (See the membership of the Copyright Tribunal.)

Jurisdiction of the Copyright Tribunal

A Tribunal is empowered to:

  • Resolve disputes relating to licences and licence schemes in relation to a work or other subject matter;
  • Ascertain the royalty payable for the recording of musical works and, where applicable, apportion the royalty in respect of a record;
  • Determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration" for the right to film artistic works for permitted broadcasts or cable programmes;
  • Determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration" for the making available to the public of a sound recording through a non-interactive digital audio transmission;
  • Determine what constitutes "equitable remuneration" payable by educational institutions when they use copyright materials within the permissible limits allowed under the Copyright Act; and
  • Determine the terms on which the Singapore Government can use copyright material.

A Tribunal has the power to refer to the High Court any matter that comes before it for the determination on a point of law. This may be done on its own volition or at the request of any party to the matter.

Resolving a Dispute With the Copyright Tribunal

The procedure for applications to be made to a Tribunal is set out in the Copyright Tribunals (Procedure) Regulations 2021.

The Tribunal will consider the application and, after giving the parties an opportunity to present their cases, shall issue an order.

Secretariat of the Copyright Tribunal

IPOS is the Secretariat and assists with the administration of the Copyright Tribunals.

Please submit your forms to the Secretariat via email to You can expect to receive payment instructions via email after we receive your submission.

Alternatively, you may submit your forms in person. Please inform the Secretariat of your intention to do so at least one working day in advance to ensure that you will be attended to promptly. You may submit your form in person at the following time and place:

Monday to Friday  8.30 am - 5.00 pm 

Secretary to the Copyright Tribunals

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
1 Paya Lebar Link, #11-03  
PLQ 1, Paya Lebar Quarter
Singapore 408533
Tel: 6339 8616

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