About IP

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the creations of the human minds. It can be an invention, trade mark, design or a brand.

IP is fundamental for most businesses, and is a tool for creativity and innovation. It is part of your arsenal of intangible assets, which are rapidly becoming key resources for innovative enterprises. Such assets include data, content, and systems and processes.

With IP and other intangible assets, you may gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, enabling you to profit and grow your business.

IP and innovation

IP is not just about law. It is also about business and innovation.

Innovation is a continuous cycle of product discovery, development and commercialisation that enables companies to keep reinvesting in the next generation innovation.

It starts off as an idea. With a robust and top-ranked IP regime that supports our innovators, creators and designers, IP facilitates the process of translating these ideas into valuable products and assets. When strategically and effectively used, IP enhances an enterprise’s competitive edge, facilitates growth and success in reaching the marketplace. IP provides financial opportunities like sale, licensing and strategic business partnerships in commercialising it. These in turn can be reinvested into further R&D efforts in new technologies and product development.

Kickstart your innovation journey with IPOS and turn your ideas today into assets tomorrow.


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