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14Dec GDIP Opening Remarks 

Singapore’s role as an IP Hub along the Belt and Road

Mr Tan Shau En, IPOS Assistant Chief Executive (Commercialisation), shares with us in this exclusive interview how Singapore is facilitating IP and innovation flows along the “One Belt, One Road” between China and ASEAN.

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6 Dec Media_release_IPOS_FinTechFastTrack 
Press Releases

Singapore grants first accelerated FinTech patent through IPOS’ FinTech Fast Track Initiative

IPOS has granted the first accelerated patent under its recently launched FinTech Fast Track initiative to a technology company based in ASEAN. While patent grants typically take at least two to four years, and in many cases even longer, this fast track patent took only seven months from application to grant.

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Developments in IP Law Seminar Series

Jan & Feb 2019


About IPOS

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The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is an innovation agency that uses our IP networks and expertise to drive IP commercialisation for Singapore’s future growth.

Our focus is on helping enterprises grow through IP and innovation strategies, developing skills and expertise in these areas, and building an innovation ecosystem where today’s ideas become tomorrow’s assets.

IPOS is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law.

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