Enterprises own valuable intangible assets and IP, which can be tapped for success through a strong IP management strategy.

Intangible assets now account for 90% of all business value, as cited in an Ocean Tomo study. In addition to IP, businesses possess valuable assets such as brands, data, regulatory approvals, and systems and processes.

Innovation is a continuous cycle of product discovery, development and commercialisation that enables companies to keep reinvesting in the next innovation. 

Kickstart your innovation journey with IPOS and turn your ideas today into assets tomorrow.

GoBusiness IP Grow

GoBusiness IP Grow is Singapore's online marketplace for intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) services. As a free one-stop platform, it makes it easy for enterprises to discover their IA/IP needs and connect with the right service providers to grow and expand globally.
This online marketplace is built on GoBusiness, an existing Whole-of-Government online platform for businesses in Singapore to access various Government e-services and resources.
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IP Ready

IP Ready™ is a capability-building programme designed to help enterprises manage their intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) to achieve specific go-to-market goals. IPOS International’s IP Strategists will partner you to address your business challenges, develop an IA/IP strategy, create sustainable systems, and build invaluable skills to support your next business move and beyond.

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IP Start

This programme offered by our subsidiary, IPOS International, helps start-ups take charge of their intangible assets and IP with curated resources, practical advice, and hands-on guidance. IP Start is offered exclusively to start-ups via their accelerators and incubators.

Through this programme, start-ups can learn to manage their intangible assets and IP, navigate obstacles, and prepare to scale using exclusive resources that address common start-up needs and pain points, including tailored IA/IP advisory, customised training, and practical guides.

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IPOS International can also help your business to:

If you need to get advice on identifying, protecting and maximising your IP, you may consider engaging a Patent AgentLawyer or a Certified Intellectual Property Technology Consultant (IPTC).

Make an appointment to speak with a private business consultant on IP strategies and options for business or with a professional lawyer regarding IP infringement or opposition matters.

To find out more about available assistance schemes to grow your business in Singapore or expand your business presence and operations globally, visit Enterprise Singapore and their page for SME Centres.

For government grants, log in to the Business Grants Portal with your CorpPass to find and apply for the right grant for your business. The Business Grants Portal provides a one-stop service to find and apply for the grants you need.

You may also consider tapping on the Enterprise Innovation Scheme (EIS) by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to enjoy tax deductions/allowances on qualifying expenditure incurred on qualifying activities, including the registration of IP and/or the acquisition and licensing of IP rights.

For those companies who are interested to capitalise on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement to expand their businesses in the region, find out more on how RCEP enhances IP for Singapore businesses here.

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