Intellectual Property Management (Government) (“IPMG”) is a department in IPOS that supports public agencies in the management of publicly-funded IP. As a Statutory Board and part of Government, we understand the challenges faced by fellow public agencies.

Our IP Strategists provide actionable solutions on a wide range of IP management issues, in line with the National IP Protocol. We will partner your agency in developing holistic IP policies and strategies, complete with a full suite of processes and tools aligned with agency objectives and Government best practices.

National IP Protocol

The National IP Protocol allows public agencies to have a standard and streamlined approach to managing intellectual property from publicly-funded R&D.

Click here to view some Frequently Asked Questions about the National IP Protocol.

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Need help managing your public agency’s IP or don’t know where to begin in your IP management journey? Write to us at, with “IPMG” in the subject header. We will be happy to arrange for a discussion to understand your needs.