This study was conducted to understand the trends of entrepreneurial and trade mark filing activities by women in Singapore.

Trade Mark, Entrepreneurship and Gender in Singapore

Women are driving scientific breakthroughs, building innovative businesses and transforming our world.  Greater inclusivity in innovation, creativity and business can benefit our society and the economy. When innovation, creativity and business are inclusive and embrace new ideas and perspectives, we all benefit.

Understanding trends in gender and intellectual property (IP) can help encourage women participation and inclusivity.

In IPOS’ trade mark and gender study, we seek to understand the entrepreneurial and trade mark filing landscape of women in Singapore. Using trade mark filing and government administrative data, we analysed the shares of women entrepreneurs and trade mark filers by industries, classes of trade marks filed, types of businesses owned, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) sectors.

Our study found that there is increasing women entrepreneurship activity and trade mark filers over the years. This has shed light on the relevance of trade marks for women doing businesses in Singapore.

Between 2016 and 2022, women entrepreneurship has increased from 17.9% to 24.9%.

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In the same period, women trade mark filers has increased from 17.7% to 23.4%.

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The top 3 sectors with the largest shares of women entrepreneurs and trademark filers are (i) Health and Social Services, (ii) Other Service Activities, and (iii) Education.

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*Other Service Activities comprise of activities of membership organisations, repair of household goods, cleaning of products, activities of personal care services, funeral / wedding-related and pet care services activities.

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