Intangible assets (IA) are fast becoming an important asset class across the world, and Singapore recognises the need for enterprises to leverage IA/IP for growth. Join our journey to unlock IA/IP financing for innovative enterprises.


Over the past 25 years, intangibles have grown phenomenally by around 11% per annum to $74 trillion in 2021. This value is expected to reach $1 quadrillion by 2050 and is progressively becoming the dominant share of enterprise’ value today. Given this trend, it is pertinent that enterprises are able to tap on the value of their intangible for growth.

IPOS and WIPO has worked together to produce a country report of Singapore’s experience in the IP financing space, to unlock the value of intangibles from innovative enterprises for financing.

This is the first report in a series by the IP for Business Division of WIPO.

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