If you are residing in Singapore, you are required to obtain written authorisation from the IPOS before filing a patent application overseas. You may apply via IP2SG. A brief summary of the invention and the drawings, if any, must accompany the application for written authority.

Upon receipt of your application, IPOS will respond in less than 5 working days. If you require urgent consideration of your application, you are encouraged to inform us at telephone no. (65) 6339 8616, quoting the efile reference number of the application.

If you have filed a patent application overseas without first obtaining written authorisation from IPOS, please write in to the Registry with details of the patent application in question, a brief summary of the invention, any mitigating factors and contact information. As a guide, the notification should include: 

  1. Application number, date of filing and country of filing;
  2. Details of the applicants, inventors and any other person involved in the filing (e.g. agent), in particular their name, address and country of residency at the time of filing;
  3. Circumstance for contravention;
  4. Measures that had been put in place to mitigate future occurrences;
  5. Contact information

The Registrar may, after considering the facts of the case, compound the offence upon payment of a sum of money not exceeding $2,000, and no further proceedings will be taken against you.