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IA/IP skills are increasingly important in our innovation-driven economy. We will grow IA/IP management as a cross-cutting skillset that is embedded within the wider workforce. This serves as a key enabler for enterprises to better manage and obtain value from their IA/IP, and capture opportunities presented by the growth in IA/IP activities.

We aim to build an IA/IP savvy workforce and base of IA/IP talent, by introducing a holistic suite of IA/IP training and education programmes. This includes programmes for full-time students at our tertiary learning institutions and executive training for working professionals. In addition, we will work with key industry players to integrate IA/IP skills and competencies into job roles involved in innovation, and to drive the adoption of such skills.

We will also look to bolster Singapore’s international reputation for quality IA/IP skills through a national standard for IA/IP management. This will benefit both service providers, by providing a differentiating quality mark, and enterprises seeking to hire the right services.



Build an IA/IP-savvy workforce and base of IA/IP talent

  • Equip our future workforce with the necessary IA/IP skills and knowledge to perform their roles well
  • Executive training for working professionals and senior executives to deepen capabilities in IA/IP and capitalise on it for business growth

Create good job opportunities for Singaporeans

  • Skills Framework for IP
  • Integrate IA/IP skills and competencies in job roles involved in innovation

Bolster Singapore’s international reputation for quality IA/IP skills

  • Develop a national standard in IA/IP management
  • Promote recognition of the IA/IP management standards

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SIPS 2030 Comprises Three Inter-linked Thrusts

Click on the icons below to view the other two thrusts of the Singapore IP Strategy 2030 (SIPS 2030).


We aim to constantly review our IA/IP regime to ensure that our laws and processes are relevant and conducive for business growth.



Singapore has made significant moves to support enterprises in creating and protecting, managing, and commercialising their IA/IP assets.


Our goal is to create job opportunities for Singaporeans and increase the value of their IA/IP skills and competencies.

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