When applying to register a trade mark in Singapore, use this pre-filing checklist:

When should you register your trade mark in Singapore?

Register your trade mark at the earliest opportunity. This is because if another similar or identical trade mark is filed earlier than yours, your trade mark application may face an objection.

If you have filed for the same trade mark in another country (which is either a member of the Paris Convention or the World Trade Organization) within 6 months and that application is the first filing, you may file for priority claim in your Singapore trade mark application. Should a similar mark be filed in Singapore by another party after your priority date (i.e. the date your application is first filed), your application will have priority over the other party's application.

Did you search for existing marks that could be similar to yours?

You are encouraged to conduct a Similar Mark Search to ensure that there are no existing marks on our register that are identical or similar to yours.

If there is a similar or an identical mark found and this mark is protected for similar/identical goods and/or services as specified in your trade mark application, it is possible that your application will face an objection.

Did you classify your trade mark appropriately?

The scope of your trade mark protection is determined by the goods and/or services listed in the application. You are required to state the exact class number and the appropriate description(s) of the goods and/or services according to the Nice Classification.

You are encouraged to use IPOS’ classification database to search for the appropriate descriptions to avoid facing an objection against your trade mark application. Further, a class which contains entirely of descriptions from IPOS’ classification database will enjoy the lowest application fee of S$240 per class if the application is filed online via IP2SG.

Did you engage any professional assistance to prepare the submission of your trade mark application?

While engaging professional services to file your trade mark application is not a requirement, you may benefit from enlisting the professional help to advise if your trade mark is registrable and to assist in similar mark searches.