Accelerated Programmes

To secure a patent right, there are several options that applicant may explore to speed up the patent grant process.

This will help:
  1. to provide early certainty to the patent application that you wish to protect;
  2. to facilitate discussion promptly with interested investors;
  3. to strengthen your company’s position in the market space ahead of time; and
  4. to allow ease of synchronisation of your patent rights formation with product development
For more information on how to file a patent, please check out the filing procedure for a patent application.

Technology Field Specific Accelerated Programmes


FinTech Fast Track

The Fintech Fast Track (FTFT) initiative was launched on 26 April 2018 to expedite the application-to-grant process for FinTech patent applications to as fast as 6 months. This programme is stipulated to end on 25 April 2020.
The objective of this initiative is to support the growth of Fintech innovations in Singapore, as well as to enable businesses to market and commercialise their products and services more rapidly. Businesses can also use this expedited service as a Launchpad to obtain patent protection globally.

Find out more about the FTFT initiative from our FinTech Fast Track Circular and FinTech Fast Track Process Infographic.

You may register your interest with us if you have a FinTech invention to be filed.

Accelerated Initiative for Artificial Intelligence

Accelerated Initiative for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) was launched on 26 April 2019 to expedite the application-to-grant process for AI patent applications to as fast as 6 months^.
The initiative will strongly complement Singapore’s shift towards a digital economy, and supports innovative enterprises that are looking to bring their AI products faster to the global market.
Find out more about the AI2 from our Accelerated Initiative for Artificial Intelligence Circular and AI2 infographic. To understand IPOS’ examination practice for AI inventions, please refer to the Examination Guides for Patent Applications at IPOS: Chapter 8 under heading ii. Scientific theories and mathematical methods.
You may also register your interest with us if you have an AI invention to be filed.
^ This initiative will be launched for a period of two years and it will be limited to the first 50 applications filed. IPOS will have to discretion to adjust the cap and/or the criteria as deemed fit thereafter and prior notice will be given.

12 Months File-to-Grant

As part of the performance pledge for IP registration for patents, patent applicants can obtain a grant of their Singapore application within a period of 12 months from the filing of the application, subject to fulfilment of certain requirements.

Read the requirements for 12 months file-to-grant to qualify.

Patent Prosecution Highway

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) is a programme between IP Offices where the examination process of a patent application in one IP Office can be accelerated by referencing the examination results from another IP Office. Such a work-sharing arrangement allows applicants to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently.

Please click here for PPH statistics

How to qualify for PPH

  • Corresponding or related patent applications for the same invention filed in the IPOS and in any of IPOS’ PPH-partner offices; and
  • Claim(s) that are determined to be allowable in application(s) filed in IPOS or in any of IPOS’ PPH-partner offices.

Who are the IPOS PPH-partner offices?

  • IPOS has PPH pilot programmes with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and the European Patent Office (EPO).
  • IPOS is also a participating office of the Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) pilot programme.
  • Under the GPPH pilot, a request for accelerated examination of an IPOS patent application can be made by relying on the patent search and examination results (national work products) or international search and/or examination results under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) (PCT work products) established by any of the other GPPH participating offices.
  • The GPPH network has 25 participating offices including the Japan Patent Office, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Korean Intellectual Property Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office.

How to initiate PPH

  • PPH is to be initiated by the applicant. A PPH request is to be filed with the IP Office where the examination process of the patent application is to be accelerated.
  • Details of the PPH programmes (including the procedures and requirements) with the respective offices can be found here.

ASEAN Patent Examination Co-operation

The ASEAN Patent Examination Co-operation (ASPEC) was launched on 15 June 2009.

It is the first regional patent work-sharing programme among 9 participating ASEAN Member States (AMS) IP Offices of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

The purpose of ASPEC is to share search and examination results between the participating IP Offices to allow applicants in participating countries to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently.

ASPEC is intended to reduce duplication on the search and examination work done, thereby saving time and effort. Additionally, search and examination work done on a corresponding application serves as a useful reference in producing quality reports.

ASPEC operates in the English language in all participating AMS IP Offices and is free-of-charge to the applicant at any participating AMS IP Office. However, the search and examination fees at the respective AMS IP Offices will still apply.

All ASPEC requests to all participating AMS IP offices can now be made electronically through the ASEAN IP Portal

ASPEC statistics are also available on the ASEAN IP Portal.

ASPEC Brochure               PDF iconASPEC Brochure (Updated Aug 2015)

Notice and Procedures   PDF iconASPEC Notice and Procedures (Revised 5 Oct 2017)

ASPEC Request Form      Word IconASPEC Request Form (Revised 12 Feb 2014)
                                                Word IconASPEC Claims Correspondence Table (12 Feb 2014)
                                                PDF iconASPEC Request Form (Revised 12 Feb 2014) - Sample


Patent Cooperation with Cambodia

Under the cooperation between IPOS and the Ministry of Industry & Handicraft (MIH) of Cambodia, patent owners or applicants in Singapore will be able to:

1) Re-register their Singapore patents at the MIH

A Singapore patent can be re-registered in Cambodia subject to the following conditions:

  • The Singapore patent must be in force at the time of lodgement of re-registration request;
  • The Singapore patent must have a filing date on or after 22 January 2003; and
  • The Singapore patent must meet the Cambodian requirements for patentability

Applicants without an address for service in Cambodia may submit their request through a Cambodia patent agent firm or law firm.

A detailed guide on the re-registration process can be found here.

The official form and continuation sheets for re-registering a Singapore patent in Cambodia are as follows: Official Form and Continuation Sheet

2) Submit an IPOS-issued Search and Examination (S&E) report to MIH for the grant of a Cambodia-related patent application

Patent applicants in Singapore who have a Cambodia related patent application may request IPOS to submit a copy of  the (i) final S&E report issued by IPOS and (ii) final specifications of the Singapore related patent application to MIH for the grant of the Cambodia related patent application. To facilitate the grant of the Cambodia related patent application, the applicant may also request for the specifications of the Cambodia related patent application to be amended accordingly to the final specifications of the Singapore related patent application.

The detailed procedure for the submission process, including a non-exhaustive list of examples of related patent applications, can be found here.