Intellectual property (IP) is an important asset that protects your business’ innovations and creative ideas against global competition. Through strategic IP Management (IPM), you can create, own, protect, exploit and enforce your IP resources to maximise value for your business. 

Here are 3 important things to know about managing your IP:


As you create innovative products or services, you generate vast amounts of ideas and intellectual property that become your “secret sauce” to success. Many businesses do not realise that these intangibles are real assets of substantial value that must be carefully managed. If not, they may be exposed to unnecessary risks.


Strategic IP Management (IPM) helps you identify your most important intangible assets, design management processes to safeguard them, strategise your competitive edge and formulate a growth strategy. IPM analysis gives you the foresight to make informed business decisions on R&D, sales and marketing, competitors and collaboration.

Innovation Cycle
Fig 1: The Innovation Cycle:
Protecting your intangible assets at the right time
will maximise value for your business later.


Like any other resource, your IP assets must be carefully managed in a strategic and forward looking way to yield new areas of business and profit. You can essentially use IP as a vehicle to improve your market position, get financing, monetise and take your technology and brands to the world.

Fig 2: Four important stages in IPM:
From identifying your underappreciated IP assets to maximising their value,
IPM is an important strategy for your business. 

IPM Case Studies  
Glean insights from these enterprises and understand how they transformed their business through strategic IP Management. For further enquiries on IP Management, email