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Forms & Fees

Please proceed to our e-services portal, IPOS Digital Hub, to file your forms online. The acceptable modes of payment can be found here.

Please note the default filing modes in HMD Circular 2.1 at C. We will only accept filings via FormSG for forms/requests that are not available for e-filing in IPOS Digital Hub.

If you are filing via FormSG,

  • Please provide your email address and Singapore contact number in your submission so that we can provide you with the payment instructions.
  • Payment shall be made via IPOS Digital Hub's payment platform. You can expect to receive payment instructions via email within 3 working days after we receive your submission.




Notification to Registrar (Trade Marks) -

PDF icon Notification to Registrar (245KB)

Request for WIPO Mediation Fee 

Word Icon Request for WIPO Mediation (175KB)

PDF icon Request for WIPO Mediation (165KB)

Application for Reimbursement under Revised Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme -

Word IconApplication for Reimbursement under REMPS (48KB)

PDF iconApplication for Reimbursement under REMPS (156KB)

Agreement and Request for WIPO Expert Determination in IPOS Patent Proceedings Fee 

Word IconAgreement and Request for WIPO Expert Determination (57KB)

PDF iconAgreement and Request for WIPO Expert Determination (92KB)

Hearings Common Forms

Form Description Fee


Hearing and decision

Trade Marks: For each trade mark number, $1,000 for the first class and $800 for each subsequent class

Patents, Designs & Geographical Indications: $1,000

HC3Request for extension of time

Trade Marks:
a. Extension in relation to notice of opposition
b. Extension in relation to counter-statement
c. Extension in relation to evidence
d. Extension in relation to others

a. No fee payable
b. No fee payable
c. $100 x no. of classes
d. $120
Patents and Designs:
a. for first extension of that period
b. for second or any subsequent extension of that period
a. No fee payable
b. $120
Geographical Indications$120
HC4 Request for hearing at which only the party making the request is present (ex parte hearing)
Trade Marks, Patents & Designs: $100
HC5 Request for grounds of decision
Trade Marks, Patents & Designs: $700

Geographical Indications: $1,400


Trade Marks: $360 × no. of classes

Patents & Designs: $360

Geographical Indications: $550

Trade Mark Forms

Form Description Fee
TM11 Notice of opposition $420 × no. of classes
TM28 Application for revocation, invalidation or rectification $420 × no. of classes

Patent Forms

Form Description Fee Download Form
Application for authorisation by Registrar to carry out act on behalf of person to whom directions were given
- Request for directions on handling of dispute between joint applicants
Reference to Registrar to determine the question of a licence
Application for settlement of terms of licence of right
Application for revocation of patent

Notice of objection to release of sample of micro-organism to expert
Notice of opposition
  1. to an application under section 24
  2. to an amendment of a specification after grant
  3. to an application under section 54(1) or (3) for cancellation of an entry in the register
  4. to the correction of an error, clerical error or mistake

a. $40
b. $480
c. $90
d. $100
Word Icon PF58 (142KB)
PDF icon PF58 (99KB)

Design Forms

Form Description Fee
-Notice of opposition to correction of error or mistake$400
D13 Application for revocation of the registration of a design

Geographical Indication Forms

Form Description Fee
GI13 Notice of objection or opposition

Plant Varieties Protection Forms

Form Description Fee


Filing of a notice of objection
Word Icon PVP6 (51KB) 
PDF icon PVP6 (34KB)



Filing of a counter-statement
Word Icon PVP7 (52KB) 
PDF icon PVP7 (35KB)



Attending hearing and obtaining decision
Word Icon PVP8 (50KB) 
PDF icon PVP8 (120KB)



Request for an extension of time
Word Icon PVP15 (53KB) 
PDF icon PVP15 (142KB)


Forms and Procedures for Other Requests

Description Form
Amendments to Form TM11 and Form TM28Please read HMD Circular 1.2.

Word Icon TM11 (182KB)
Word Icon TM28 (151KB)
Continuation SheetsWord Icon Continuation Sheet 1 (75KB)
Word Icon Continuation Sheet 4 (61KB)

Refund may be allowed under the following list of circumstances:
  • You have made duplicate payment for a form.
  • You have filed duplicate forms.
  • You have submitted a form which cannot be processed.
Submit your request via IPOS Digital Hub.

Please note that forms which have been processed are generally not refundable.

Request for refund is subject to approval. Submission of a request does not guarantee a refund.

You are advised to check your forms carefully before submitting them.

Compilation of Forms (For Reference)

To preview the forms on IPOS Digital Hub in Word/PDF format, please click here.

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