Plant variety rights (PVR) allow you to protect a newly discovered or developed plant variety. Read on to find out more about registering and managing PVRs.

Forms & Fees 

Please proceed to our e-services portal, IPOS Digital Hub, to file Form PVP 3 online. The acceptable modes of payment can be found here.

We will only accept filings via FormSG for forms/requests that are not available for e-filing in IPOS Digital Hub.  Information on alternative filing modes when IPOS Digital Hub is unavailable can be found in the latest IPOS Digital Hub Practice Direction here.

If you are filing via FormSG,

  • Please provide your email address and Singapore contact number in your submission so that we can provide you with the payment instructions.
  • Payment shall be made via IPOS Digital Hub's payment platform. You can expect to receive payment instructions via email within 3 working days after we receive your submission.
Description Fee Plant Varieties Protection Form
1 Request to change the name and/or address of an applicant for a grant of protection

Request to change the name and/or address of a grantee

Request to change an address for service

Word Icon PVP 1 (62KB)

PDF icon PVP 1 (305KB)

Filing of a notice of appointment of, or substitution of or cessation to act as procedural representative

Change in name of procedural representative
Word Icon PVP 2 (58KB)

PDF icon PVP 2 (296KB)
Application for grant of protection under section 13 of the Act
Word Icon PVP 3 (68KB)

PDF icon PVP 3 (157KB)


Application to amend an application for a grant of protection

Application for rectification of an error or omission in the Register under section 41 of the Act
Word Icon PVP 4 (51KB)

PDF icon PVP 4 (38KB)

Notice of withdrawal of application for grant of protection under section 19 of the Act
Word Icon PVP 5 (50KB)

PDF icon PVP 5 (9KB)
6. Filing of a notice of objection
Word Icon PVP 6 (51KB)

PDF icon PVP 6 (35KB)
7. Filing of a counter-statement
Word Icon PVP 7 (52KB)

PDF icon PVP 7 (36KB)
8. Attending hearings and obtaining decision
Word Icon PVP 8 (50KB)

PDF icon PVP 8 (193KB)
Request for examination by Examiner under section 17 of the Act
Word Icon PVP 9 (52KB)

PDF icon PVP 9 (36KB)

(a) Request to submit examination report by an Examiner in any UPOV member other than Singapore

(b) Request to rely on examination report by an Examiner in any UPOV member other than Singapore



Word Icon PVP 10 (54KB)

PDF icon PVP 10 (38KB)


(a) Payment of annual fee and submission of information under section 24(3) of the Act

(b) Payment of late fee under section 24(4) of the Act – 
      (i) within one month after anniversary of the date of grant of protection mentioned in that section;
      (ii) within 2 months but after one month after that anniversary;
      (iii)within 3 months but after 2 months after that anniversary;
      (iv) within 4 months but after 3 months after that anniversary;
      (v) within 5 months but after 4 months after that anniversary; or
      (vi) within 6 months but after 5 months after that anniversary



Word Icon PVP 11 (64KB)

PDF icon PVP 11 (307KB)
Application to register particulars of a transaction or matter affecting rights in a grant of protection

Application to cancel or amend the particulars of a transaction or matter affecting rights in a grant of protection
Word Icon PVP 12 (61KB)

PDF icon PVP 12 (150KB)

Application for the cancellation of a grant of protection
No fee
Word Icon PVP 13 (54KB)

PDF icon PVP 13 (38KB)
Notice of renunciation of a grant of protection
No fee
Word Icon PVP 14 (64KB)

PDF icon PVP 14 (303KB)
Request for an extension of time
Word Icon PVP 15 (53KB)

PDF icon PVP 15 (143KB)


Application for a certified copy of an entry in the Register or a certified extract from the Register under section 40(3) of the Act
Word Icon PVP 16 (51KB)

PDF icon PVP 16 (285KB)
Filing of an order, declaration or certificate of the Court with the Registrar (other than in relation to an application under PVP 12 or PVP 13)
Word Icon PVP 17 (51KB)

PDF icon PVP 17 (35KB)
Request for publication of matters under section 15
Word Icon PVP 18 (51KB)

PDF icon PVP 18 (37KB)
Inspection of register under section 40(2) of the Act for each search per file S$6
20. GST Form (wef 1 Apr 2017) NIL

Word Icon GST (29KB)

PDF icon GST (7KB)


Description Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority Forms
 1. Technical Questionnaire Baicai Xiaobaicai
Word IconTQ Baicai (212KB)

PDF iconTQ Baicai (112KB)
 2. Technical Questionnaire Caixin
Word IconTQ Caixin (207KB)

PDF iconTQ Caixin (109KB)
 3. Technical Questionnaire Dendrobium
Word IconTQ Dendrobium (262KB)

PDF iconTQ Dendrobium (113KB)
 4. Technical Questionnaire Mokara
Word IconTQ Mokara (301KB)

PDF iconTQ Mokara (110KB)
 5. Technical Questionnaire Phalaenopsis
Word IconTQ Phalaenopsis (244KB)

PDF iconTQ Phalaenopsis (106KB)
 6. Technical Questionnaire Renantanda
Word IconTQ Renantanda(304KB)

PDF iconTQ Renantanda(109KB)
 7. Technical Questionnaire Aranda
Word IconTQ Aranda (301KB)

PDF iconTQ Aranda (110KB)
 8. Technical Questionnaire Aranthera
Word IconTQ Aranthera (299KB)

PDF iconTQ Aranthera (109KB)
 9. Technical Questionnaire Vanda
Word IconTQ Vanda (299KB)

PDF iconTQ Vanda (111KB)
 10. Technical Questionnaire Anubias
Word IconTQ Anubias (176KB)

PDF iconTQ Anubias (104KB)
 11. Technical Questionnaire Oncidium
Word IconTQ Oncidium (290KB)

PDF iconTQ Oncidium (104KB)
 12. Technical Questionnaire Limnophilla
Word IconTQ Limnophila (192KB)

PDF iconTQ Limnophila (102KB)
 13. Technical Questionnaire Jatropha curcas
Word IconTQ Jatropha Curcas (26KB)

PDF iconTQ Jatropha Curcas (25KB)
 14. Technical Questionnaire Rice  Word IconTQ Rice (147KB)

PDF iconTQ Rice (148KB) 
 15.  Technical Questionnaire Template
Word IconTQ Template (198KB)

PDF iconTQ Template (28KB)

Forms and Procedures for Other Requests

Description Fee 

Refund may be allowed under the following list of circumstances:

  • You have made duplicate payment for a form.
  • You have filed duplicate forms.
  • You have submitted a form which cannot be processed.

You are advised to check your forms carefully before submitting them. 

Submit your request via FormSG.

Please note that forms which have been processed are generally not refundable.

Request for refund is subject to approval. Submission of a request does not guarantee a refund.

You are advised to check your forms carefully before submitting them.

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