A geographical indication (GI) provides assurance of a product's characteristics, which are attributable to its geographical origin. Read on to find out more about registering and managing GIs.

Managing Geographical Indications

If you have submitted a geographical indication (GI) application, or obtained a GI registration, learn how you can conveniently track and manage the GI application or registration.

Monitor Your Application
After submitting a geographical indication application to us, find out how you can monitor the application as it proceeds through the examination process.

Monitor Your Geographical Indication Application
  • Monitor the Status of Your Application on IP2SG

You can track the status of your geographical indication (GI) application on the Register of Geographical Indications. Refer to our guide on how to search for GIs.

  • Look Out for IPOS’ Correspondences Sent by Post

All correspondences issued by IPOS regarding your GI application will be sent via post to the Singapore Address for Service indicated in the GI application form.  

  • Update Details of the Applicant, Registrant or Agent of a GI Application or Registration

To ensure that the correspondences issued by IPOS are directed to the correct party, you should update the details regarding the applicant, registrant, representative or agent of the GI application when there are changes. Refer to the procedure(s) here.


Guard Against Unsolicited IP Services 

Unsolicited IP services are increasingly being offered to Intellectual Property rights holders by private companies, and recipients of such unsolicited notices are often requested to pay hefty amounts in exchange for the registration or renewal of their IP on record. Find out more information here on how you can identify unsolicited notices and guard against such services. 

Renew Your Geographical Indication



A registered geographical indication (GI) is protected for a period of 10 years from the date of registration and can be renewed once every 10 years. Each time, it can only be renewed starting from 6 months before the expiry date of the registered GI through the filing of Form GI3 with the relevant fee. 

Post-expiration Renewal 

If a GI is not renewed by its expiry date, the GI status will be updated as “Expired (Renewal Possible)”. At this stage, post-expiration renewal of the GI is still possible within 6 months after its expiry date, through the filing of Form GI3. However, such renewal is subjected to a post-expiration renewal fee. If the GI is not renewed within 6 months after its expiry date, the GI will be removed from the Geographical Indications Register.

Upon renewal of a GI, its expiry date will be updated on the Geographical Indications Register.

Please note that a request for extension of time to renew a geographical indication registration is not allowed under Rule 83(11)(g) of the Geographical Indications Rules.

Enforce Your Application

Geographical Indication Infringement

If you become aware that another party is using a mark which is identical or similar to your geographical indication (GI), and in relation to identical or similar goods and/or services with respect to that GI, you should act promptly against the infringing party. To better protect and enforce your rights, you may wish to seek advice from a legal professional.

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