A design allows you to protect your product through its unique design features. Read on to find out more about registering and managing your designs.

Acceleration Programmes

The SG IP Fast Track

From 1 Sep 2020, applicants with a patent application accelerated under the SG IP Fast Track (“SG IP FAST”) can also request acceleration of related trademark and registered design applications. Previously known as the SG Patent Fast Track programme, which only allows applicants to accelerate patent applications, the pilot programme has now been expanded to include trademarks and registered designs.* This will better support innovators and enterprises as they build and manage their IP portfolio, and commercialise their creations.

Accelerated timelines for the different types of IP are as follows:
  • Patent applications can be granted in as fast as 6 months.
  • Straightforward trademark applications can be registered in as fast as 3 months. Other trademark applications can be registered in as fast as 6 months.
  • Registered design applications can be registered in as fast as 1 month.

The SG IP FAST pilot programme will end on 29 Apr 2022.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria and request procedures for SG IP FAST from our SG IP Fast Track Circular.

To request acceleration of registered design applications, you may use the template here.

* There will be a cap of 5 patent applications a month under SG IP FAST, which will be reset on the first day of every month. Unutilised capacity will be rolled over to the next month, subject to a maximum cap of 10 applications a month. There will also be a cap of 10 patent applications per year per entity (individual or corporate). There will not be a cap on the number of trademark and registered design applications that can be accelerated.

Recognition of Design Registration in Singapore and Cambodia

To provide greater support to designers seeking protection in Cambodia and Singapore, applicants will be able to:
  • re-register their Singapore designs at MISTI; or
  • enjoy acceleration of their Cambodia designs at IPOS. 

More information about the recognition scenarios can be found here.


Design re-registration at MISTI  Acceleration of design registration at IPOS 

How to qualify:

The Singapore registered design must:

  • Be an earlier filing claimed in the Cambodian design application
  • Have a filing date on or after 27 Aug 2020
  • Meet the design requirements1 for registration in Cambodia

1 Designs that are contrary to public order or morality are excluded for registration in Cambodia.

How to qualify:

The Cambodia registered design must:

  • Be an earlier filing claimed in the Singapore design application
  • Have a filing date on or after 27 Aug 2020
  • Meet the design requirements for registration in Singapore
How to submit: 

  • A duly completed Request Form must be submitted to MISTI
How to submit: 

  • A cover letter requesting for acceleration under the design cooperation with Cambodia and a copy of certificate of design registration in Cambodia must be submitted to IPOS

Besides designs, applicants can also re-register their Singapore patents in Cambodia. Click here for more information.

Acceleration Programmes

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