A design allows you to protect your product through its unique design features. Read on to find out more about registering and managing your designs.

How to Register

Read on for more information on the registration process – including registration criteria, application options, forms and fees, as well as our service commitment. 

Here is a quick example of the registration process. Your registration process may vary, depending on your application requirements or if there are opposition proceedings.
The details of each stage of the registration process can be found below.

Step 1: Check Registration Criteria for a Design

Before applying to register your design, you should check if your design fulfils the registration criteria. Here are four quick questions to guide you on determining the registrability of your design:

a. Does Your Design Meet the Registration Criteria?
Your design is registrable if it satisfies this key criteria:
  • New - The registered design must not have been registered in Singapore or elsewhere before, or published anywhere in the world before the date of application of the first filing.

b. Have You Searched for Similar Existing Designs?
Before you register your design, it is a good idea to run a search on existing designs to see if it already exists. You can also avoid scenarios where there might be possible infringement of other registered designs. You can conduct the search on IP2SG. You may also check the databases of other countries, generally found on the respective national IP offices’ websites.
c. What Cannot Be Registered As A Design?
  • Designs that are contrary to public order or morality

  • Computer programmes or layout designs of integrated circuits

  • Designs applied to certain articles, such as wall plaques, medals and medallions, and printed matter primarily of a literary or artistic character (e.g. calendars, certificates, coupons, greeting cards, leaflets, maps, playing cards, postcards, stamps, and similar articles)

  • Methods or principles of construction

  • Designs that are solely functional

  • Designs that are dependent upon the appearance of another article or non-physical product, of which it is intended by the designer to form an integral part or enable the article or non-physical product to be connected to, or placed in, around or against, another article or non-physical product so that either article or non-physical product may perform its function

d. Do You Wish to Engage Professional Assistance for Your Design Application?
While engaging professional services to file your design application is not a requirement, you may benefit by enlisting the help of professionals to advise on your scope of rights before filing.
Step 2: Apply for a Design
Before you apply to register a design, learn more about the different options to do so. 

Registering a Design in Singapore

Pre-filing Checklist

From Application to Registration of a Design in Singapore

Generally it takes about 4 months from the date of filing the application to the successful registration of a design. However, the registration process may take longer if the application has deficiencies that must be corrected or if documents that must accompany the application have not been submitted within the time specified by the Registrar. 

The following steps outline the stages following an application to register a design in Singapore.


Step 1: Application

New registration

Your application must include:

  1. PDF icon Application form
  2. Application fee: S$250/-

Request for Deferment of Publication (Optional)

Your application must include:

  1. PDF icon An indication on application form 
  2. Application fee: S$40/-

You can file up to 50 designs within a single application if the designs relate to the same class or all of the same classes as classified in accordance with the PDF icon Practice Direction No 1 of 2017.

You can also file a Graphical User Interface (GUI) as a design. Learn PDF icon how to register a GUI.

Step 2: Minimum Filing Requirements check

The application for a registered design must contain:

  1. PDF icon Application form
  2. Application fee: $250/-
  3. Name and address of the applicant
  4. At least one clear representation of the design

Upon successful submission of the above, you will receive an online acknowledgement and application number(s). For multiple designs filed within a single application, you will receive an application number for each design in the application. If you applied online via IP2SG , the application number will be provided upon successful payment.

Step 3: Formalities Examination

Your application will undergo a formalities examination to ensure the following information is in order:

  1. Statement of Novelty
  2. Classification & article/non-physical product name
  3. Representation or Image of the design is suitable for reproduction 

If formal requirements are in order: If these requirements are not complied with:
Your application will proceed to the Registration and Issuance of certificate stage You will be notified by the Registrar to provide what is lacking, or amend the application if necessary, within 3 months from the date of notification. Failure to do so will result in your application being treated as withdrawn.
Step 4: Registration and issuance of certificate
Once your design is registered, a Certificate of Registration is issued and your design will be protected for 5 years from the date of filing of the application.

After the initial 5-year protection, you may choose to PDF icon extend the protection for the design for an additional 5 years. The maximum term of a design is 15 years.
Step 5: Publication
Once registered, the full details of your design are published in the Designs Journal and the register at IP2SG. Once published, the designs are available for public inspection. If you have requested to defer the publication of the design, it will not be published until the end of 18 months from the date of filing of the application.
Registering a Design Outside of Singapore
Protection for designs is territorial in nature. You will need to file individually in each country you wish to obtain design protection in.

You may do so by:
  1. Filing individual applications with the IP offices of each countries, as:
    • Law and procedures vary across countries
    • Filing fees vary across countries
    • Translation may be required if the IP office does not use English as their official language
  2. Filing an international application under the Hague System, where:
    • Only one application is required
    • Only one filing fee is required
    • Filing can be done in one language

To be eligible for filing an international application under the Hague system directly with IPOS, each applicant must satisfy at least one of the following entitlement criteria :-

Filing Through the Hague System
The Hague System  is an international registration system that is administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  in Switzerland.

Singapore is a Hague Union member and can therefore participate in the international registration system facilitated by the Hague System, which has a total of 73 contracting parties covering 90 countries .

Benefits of the Hague System
You can use the Hague System to file a single international application instead of having to file individually to each countries’ IP office.

This means that you can enjoy the convenience of filing design protection in several countries simultaneously through one application with the International Bureau of WIPO, in one language, and by paying one set of fees in one currency (Swiss francs).

Step 3: Forms & Fees for New Applications

Forms & Fees for Filing in Singapore

Where possible, you are strongly encouraged to file forms online via IP2SG. Forms that are filed online would be processed more promptly and may possibly be cheaper than manual submissions. Acceptable modes of payment can be found here.

Alternative Filing Mode

(additional Service Bureau charges may apply) 

You may file via FormSG.

We have ceased manual submissions via post/hand/courier/facsimile since 16 June 2020.

Please provide your email address and Singapore contact number in your submission so that we can provide you with the payment instructions.

Payment shall be made via IP2SG's payment platform. You can expect to receive payment instructions via email within 3 working days after we receive your submission.

Unless otherwise stated, the form shall be treated as filed only when the form, requisite fees and all attachments (if any) are received by IPOS.

General Forms

Description Forms
Service Bureau (SB) Request Form

Word IconSB Request Form(59KB)

PDF iconSB Request Form (428KB)

GST Form (wef 1 Apr 2017)

Word IconGST (46KB)

PDF iconGST (6KB)


Design Forms

Form Description Fee Download Form


Application for registration of a design under Section 11 of the Act

Request for deferment of publication.

S$250 in respect of each design

S$40 in respect of each request

Word IconD3 (206KB)

PDF iconD3 (201KB)

SG IP Fast Track Template Request for Acceleration of Trademark/Registered Design Application(s) under the SG IP Fast Track No Fee Word IconSG IP Fast Track Template (30KB)

PDF iconSG IP Fast Track Template (76KB)


Application to amend an application for registration of a design under Section 15 of the Act

S$45 in respect of each design number

Word IconD5 (195KB)

PDF iconD5 (144KB)


Application for extension of period of registration of a design under Section 21 of the Act and paragraph 3(6) of the Schedule to the Act –

    (a) for the first period of 5 years

    (b)for the second period of 5 years

    (c)for the third period of 5 years

    (d) for the fourth period of 5 years








Word IconD8 (118KB)

PDF iconD8 (69KB)


Application for restoration of registration of a design removed from the Register under section 21(6) of the Act

S$135 in respect of each registration

Word IconD8 (118KB)

PDF iconD8 (69KB)

Late application to extend period of registration of a design under Section 21(5) of, or paragraph 3(6) of the Schedule to, the Act S$50 in respect of each registration in addition to fee under item No. 10 NA


Application for revocation of registration of a design

S$400 in respect of each design number

Word IconD13 (138KB)

PDF iconD13 (73KB)


Request to appoint, change or remove agent.

No Fee

Word IconCM1 (152KB)

PDF iconCM1 (124KB)


Request to change name, address or address for service or entry of address for service.

No Fee

CM2 (Only e-filing available)


Request to surrender a registered design

No Fee

Word IconCM3 (115KB)

PDF iconCM3 (42KB)


Request for correction of error


Word IconCM4 (165KB)

PDF iconCM4 (210KB)


Request for extension of time by a person or party regarding a particular period prescribed by the Rules or specified by the Registrar for doing any act or taking any proceedings in relation to non-contentious proceedings

    (a) first and second extension of that period

    (b) third and subsequent extension of that period






S$50 in respect of each design number

Word IconCM5 (167KB)

PDF iconCM5 (132KB)


Application to register the grant, amendment or termination of a licence

S$60 in respect of each design number

Word IconCM6 (226KB)

PDF iconCM6 (159KB)


Application to register the grant, amendment or termination of any security interest

S$50 in respect of each design number

Word IconCM7 (195KB)

PDF iconCM7 (128KB)


Application to an assignment of a registered design or any right in it

S$70 in respect of each design number

Word IconCM8 

PDF iconCM8 


Request for withdrawal of application


Word IconCM9 (102KB)

PDF iconCM9 (32KB)


Request for online file inspection

S$30 in respect of each design number

CM10 (Only e-filing available)


Request for certified copy of an entry in the Register or certified extract from the Register

    (a) where the certified copy or extract or document is in soft copy

    (b)where the certified copy or extract or document is in hard copy



S$28 in respect of each design number

S$35 in respect of each design number

Word IconCM12 (153KB)

PDF iconCM12 (80KB)


Request for reinstatement of application, right or thing


Word IconCM13 (127KB)

PDF iconCM13 (107KB)


Notice of attendance at hearing


Word IconHC1 (155KB)

PDF iconHC1 (78KB)


Request to extract the Registrar's certificate of taxation


Word IconHC2 (143KB)

PDF iconHC2 (75KB)


Request for extension of time by a person or party regarding a particular period prescribed by the Rules or specified by the Registrar for doing any act or taking any proceedings in relation to contentious proceedings

Request for an extension of time to file counter-statement

    (a) first extension of that period

    (b) second or subsequent extension of that period





S$100 in respect of each design number

Word IconHC3 (167KB)

PDF iconHC3 (141KB)


Request for ex parte hearing


Word IconHC4 (141KB)

PDF iconHC4 (75KB)


Request to the Registrar to state grounds of decision for hearing


Word IconHC5 (143KB)

PDF iconHC5 (76KB)


Filing a counter-statement


Word IconHC6 (147KB)

PDF iconHC6 (78KB)


For using the service of a service bureau to file any form and any document, if any, accompanying the form, by means of the electronic online system

CM1, CM3, CM4, CM5, CM6, CM7, CM8, CM9, CM12, D3, D5, D8, D13, HC1, HC2, HC3, HC4, HC5, HC6 and any document accompanying that form

S$40 per form + S$0.50 for each page of the document


Continuation Sheet

Description Forms
1. Continuation Sheet 1

Word IconContinuation Sheet 1 (75KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 1 (25KB)

2. Continuation Sheet 2

Word IconContinuation Sheet 2 (69KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 2 (23KB)

3. Continuation Sheet 3

Word IconContinuation Sheet 3 (75KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 3 (27KB)

4. Continuation Sheet 4

Word IconContinuation Sheet 4 (61KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 4 (20KB)

5. Continuation Sheet 5

Word IconContinuation Sheet 5 (69KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 5 (23KB)

6. Continuation Sheet 6

Word IconContinuation Sheet 6 (54KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 6 (16KB)

7. Continuation Sheet 7

Word IconContinuation Sheet 7 (58KB)

PDF iconContinuation Sheet 7 (18KB)

8. Continuation Sheet 8 Word IconContinuation Sheet 8 (138KB)
PDF iconContinuation Sheet 8 (122KB)


Notes on Refund

Refund may be allowed under the following list of circumstances:

  • You made duplicate payment for a form.

  • You filed duplicate forms.

  • You submitted a form which cannot be processed.

Please note that:

  • Refund requests can be submitted via IP2SG 

  • Forms which have been processed are generally not refundable.

  • Request for refund is subject to approval. Submission of a request for refund does not guarantee a refund.

  • You are advised to check your forms carefully before submitting them.

Our Service Commitment
Issuance of Design Registrations
Within 4 MONTHS from date of application, for straightforward applications*

Adjudication of Cases
Within 3 MONTHS from date ready for full hearing

Issuance of Grounds of Decision
Within 3 MONTHS from hearing

*Straightforward applications refer to those that do not encounter objections during processing

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