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IPOS International

About IPOS International

IPOS International is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPOS, housing over 100 IP experts in areas such as IP strategy and management, patent search and analysis, and IP education and training.

As the expertise and enterprise engagement arm of IPOS, the focus is on helping enterprises and industries use IP and intangible assets for business growth.

IPOS International's ambition is to be the international Centre of Excellence for intangible assets, anchoring Singapore as a hub for global innovation flows. We aim to use our expertise, partnerships and networks in the innovation ecosystem worldwide to bridge possibilities for intangible asset-rich enterprises and industries seeking to grow.

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IPOS International Services

IPOS International works closely with public and private enterprises across the world to support them through their innovation journey.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and therefore aim to first understand your goals, challenges and needs. This allows us to have a clear idea of where you are heading and provide the right solutions to support that journey. We draw on our unique multi-cultural and multi-lingual capabilities to bring to the table data, insights and experiences from Western and Asian contexts. We also work with other partners in Singapore’s innovation ecosystem to provide you with a wider range of tools and solutions.

The following are some areas of our domain expertise which we draw on to tailor solutions for you:

  1. IP management and strategy solutions that assist enterprises in understanding and managing their intangible assets to:
    • Chart growth plans and action points in alignment with business strategy 
    • Create competitive edge
    • Strengthen market position and unlock value
    • Evaluate commercial potential of innovation 
  2. Patent search and analysis that combines IP knowledge with deep technical expertise to:
    • Deliver insights on industry and technology trends to bolster R&D decisions
    • Develop comprehensive patent search reports to uncover the state of the art
    • Produce competitor landscapes to facilitate technology transfer, licensing or acquisition
    • Ascertain validity of patents for licensing and litigation support
  3. Education and training programmes, from foundational to industry-specific and deep-skilling for enterprises and industries, and courses that address the needs of public agencies:
    • Executive: Public and corporate short courses; blended online learning available 24/7
    • Industry-specific: IP knowledge and competency for specific job roles; customised courses tailored to an organisation’s needs
    • Deep skilling: Certification programmes – Master of IP and Innovation Management in collaboration with Singapore University of Social Sciences; Specialist Certificate in Intangible Asset Management

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is for a Singapore where innovative enterprises use intangible assets to grow. Our mission is to catalyse industry and enterprise growth by providing IP and intangible asset expertise.

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