The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is committed to developing Singapore into a global innovation hub. We help to catalyse a future driven by life-enhancing, commercially successful ideas created by businesses, professionals and everyday people. We help to turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s assets.

Organisational Chart

Internal Audit Department
The Internal Audit Department provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the operations of IPOS and its subsidiary (the “Group”). The department helps the Group to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes.

CE Office Departments

Hearings & Mediation Department
The Hearings and Mediation Department facilitates the resolution of disputes relating to the registration of Trademarks, Patents, Registered Designs, Plant Varieties Protection and Geographical Indications. It also deals with all interlocutory matters arising from the disputes such as applications for extensions of time, applications to amend pleadings and applications to file further evidence.
Media & Communications Department
The Media and Communications Department builds IPOS’ reputation as a global IP partner and promotes its initiatives through strong media relations and corporate communications.

Corporate Services Cluster

Finance Department
The Finance Department is made up of Finance and Procurement teams. The department ensures IPOS' financial resources are efficiently managed through proper allocation of resources and funds management.
Human Capital Department
The Human Capital Department supports IPOS to attract, develop, nurture and retain talent, in support of IPOS' organisational goals.
Information Technology Department
The Information Technology Department provides InfoComm Technology (ICT) services to ensure the deployment and support of secured, reliable and robust business applications, eServices and IT infrastructure.
Knowledge & Workspace Department
The Knowledge & Workspace Department supports the creation, retention and sharing of knowledge critical to IPOS in meeting its organisational goals. The department also administers support to IPOS' daily operations.
Legal Department
The Legal Department stewards and facilitates the formulation and development of national IP policy, ensuring that national IP laws remain relevant in our fast-changing world. The department also represents Singapore’s interests in IP matters at various international forums and during treaty/trade agreement negotiations.

Policy & Engagement Cluster

International Engagement Department
The International Engagement Department supports IPOS' vision by establishing relationships with IP stakeholders outside Singapore, including government agencies, institutions, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others. The Department also seeks to position Singapore as a node connecting to the world and a vibrant marketplace for IP transactions and commercialisation.
Partnership & Programme Department
The Partnership & Programme Department supports IPOS’ vision by working with other IPOS departments and its subsidiary to understand and engage its stakeholders and customers in a timely and pro-active manner. The Department does this through various platforms, programmes and activities to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to the innovation community. 
Strategic Planning & Policy Department
The Strategic Planning & Policy Department works with the management team to chart the strategic direction for IPOS, and with public and private sector stakeholders to build key market enablers and capabilities to support a vibrant innovation and IP ecosystem in Singapore.  


Registries Cluster

Registry of Geographical Indications

The Registry of Geographical Indications is responsible for administering the Geographical Indications Act, as well as the processing and granting of geographical indication rights in Singapore.

Registries of Patents, Designs & Plant Varieties
The Registries of Patents, Designs & Plant Varieties are responsible for administering the Patents, Registered Designs and Plant Varieties Protection Act, as well as the processing and granting of the corresponding rights in Singapore.
Registry of Trade Marks
The Registry of Trade Marks is responsible for administering the Trade Marks Act, as well as the processing and granting of trade mark rights in Singapore.