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Circular: Excluded Days from 1 May 2024 to 13 May 2024 for business under IP Acts and Rules

01 Apr 2024

Circular No. 1/2024
Registry of Patents 
Registry of Designs 
Registry of Geographical Indications 
Registry of Plant Varieties 
Circular No. 2/2024
Registry of Trade Marks 

As part of a government-wide initiative and in line with Singapore's ongoing Smart Nation efforts to leverage new technologies, IPOS Digital Hub will be migrating to the Government on Commercial Cloud platform from 1 to 13 May 2024. During this period, IPOS Digital Hub and IPOS Go mobile app will not be available. 

To facilitate the migration, the Registrar has issued Registries Practice Direction No. 1 of 2024 (the “PD”) to specify that the period of 1 to 13 May 2024 (both dates inclusive) are excluded days for all business under the IP Acts and Rules, except for the following classes of business: 

a. Applications to register IP (Forms TM4, MM2(E), PF1, D3, PVP3, GI1); 

b. Applications to record registrable transactions (Forms CM6, CM7, CM8; Assent by Personal Representatives; Filing of Court Order);  

c. Applications for Written Authority Sought under Section 34 of the Patents Act 1994; and 

d. Conduct of case management conferences, pre-hearing reviews and hearings; and the submission of related documents, which relates to:  

i. correspondence to inform or update on the person(s) attending case management conferences or pre-hearing reviews or request a vacation of the proceedings;  

ii. additional or supplementary written submissions and bundle(s) of authorities; and  

iii. rebuttal or reply written submissions and bundle(s) of authorities 

For the period of 1 to 13 May 2024 (both dates inclusive), forms and documents for these classes of business should be submitted to IPOS through the relevant alternative filing mode as follows: 

The PD and the accompanying circulars for the respective IP will detail the effects of excluded days on the expiry of time periods and date of filing. 

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Change in Trade Marks Journal Publication Date

Please note that there will be no publication of the Trade Marks Journal in the weeks of 29 April 2024 and 6 May 2024.

From the week of 13 May 2024 onwards, Trade Marks Journal publication will resume publication on Fridays.

Please contact us at for any clarification. 

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