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National Statement by the Singapore Delegation by Mrs Rena Lee, Chief Executive, IPOS at the World Intellectual Property Organization 62nd Series of Meetings of the Assemblies

04 Oct 2021

Thank you, Mr Chair.

Mr Chair


Director General

Distinguished colleagues

Ladies and gentlemen

1        Let me first start by thanking Director General Daren Tang and the Secretariat for the excellent preparations that have been made for the 62nd Meetings of the Assemblies. The Singapore delegation also assures you, Mr Chair, of our readiness to work closely with you and your Vice-Chairs to achieve a successful meeting.

       This year’s General Assembly is taking place against the backdrop of unprecedented upheaval and challenges. But behind every cloud, there is a silver lining, and for the IP community, it is the fact that IP and innovation have become more important than ever in helping the global economy to build back better. From combating climate change, to strengthening productivity; from lifting societies out of poverty, to harnessing new technologies – IP and innovation will be key in solving global challenges and supporting economies as we recover from the pandemic. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Singapore has continued to focus our efforts on innovating and adapting to an environment that is increasingly digital and help to transform IP into commercially valuable assets.

3        First, we launched the Singapore IP Strategy 2030, or SIPS 2030 on World IP Day this year; which is focused on the impact that IP, intangible assets, and innovation can bring to Singapore, our businesses and our people. It is a 10-year blueprint aimed at strengthening Singapore as an IP and IA hub, in order to continue to attract and grow innovative businesses, and provide jobs and skills that are future-ready.

4        Second, with the growing importance of innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in today’s digital economy, Singapore also passed a new Copyright Bill in September of this year, which marks an important step forward in recognising the changing landscape that shapes how content is created, distributed, and used.

5        Looking forward, WIPO will continue to be a key partner for Singapore as we implement SIPS 2030. And in this regard, we see synergies between SIPS 2030 and WIPO’s new Medium-Term Strategic Plan 2022-26 and are committed to working with WIPO to pursue shared objectives, including in the area of dispute resolution. As businesses increasingly rely on IP and technology, we recognise the potentially complex legal challenges that may arise.  We will continue to help businesses by enhancing our national capabilities and technical expertise in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and through our collaboration with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.

       In closing, we thank WIPO and Member States for partnering with us in various activities, from joint programmes by the WIPO Singapore Office and the Singapore Government, the Heads of IP Offices meetings, to the sharing on the first-of-its-kind, WIPO-Singapore Country Report on IP-backed financing. We continue to welcome every opportunity to work with WIPO and all Member States and reiterate our commitment to continue to play an active and constructive role in the global IP community. On behalf of my delegation, I wish everyone a productive meeting and good health.

Thank you, Mr Chair.