26 April marks World IP Day, a global celebration that recognises the role of IP in encouraging innovation and creativity. 

This year’s theme celebrates the relationship between IP and the Sustainable Development Goals. It is also an opportunity to reflect on Singapore’s efforts towards sustainable development. These include the Singapore Green Plan 2030, and the Forward Singapore movement. It was also announced during Budget 2024 that the government has committed S$5 billion towards investments in green technology, sustainable infrastructure, and climate adaptation, to achieve our low-carbon transition.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and the National Youth Council (NYC) Singapore, as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), for working together with the Ministry of Law and IPOS, to highlight the importance of sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship.

Green Solutions with Bright Innovation

The trend towards green innovation and sustainable development is growing, in the region and beyond. By providing a strong IP environment, Singapore can help to support businesses in this regard. For example:

  • The Southeast Asia (SE Asia) Patent Landscape report, developed in collaboration with the WIPO Singapore Office, noted that there was a record high of 54,000 patent applications in SE Asia in 2022, particularly in key sustainability areas such as digital technologies that improve connectivity, and enhance urban efficiency. With six out of every seven applications coming from entities outside SE Asia, Singapore is in a position to support this growing market.

1 World Economic Forum White Paper in 2023 – “Accelerating Asia’s Advantage: A Guide to Corporate Climate Action.
2 Based on the Singapore Green Trade Marks Study 2024 - Preliminary Findings. Environmental services include environmental technology or environmental engineering-related services.


Eco-Compass through Tools and Guides

Our agencies have also worked on several innovations, to strengthen our capabilities as an IP hub. For example: 

  • The TIP (Tech Insights through Patents) for Green Technologies. Developed by IPOS International with support from MSE and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), TIP makes patent data readily accessible to inform business decisions. Its interactive dashboards provide insights from broad global technology trends to organisational-level activity, helping businesses to identify potential industry partners and refine their research & development or licensing strategies.

An example of the interactive dashboard of the TIP tool for Green Technologies

  • The Green Innovation Starter Guide jointly developed by Enterprise Singapore, BCA, IPOS International, IPI Singapore, and Ashrae, will also support enterprises in the Built Environment Sector to integrate green innovation opportunities into their business plans. This helps to position enterprises for long-term success, benefitting from cost savings, market differentiation and regulatory compliance, while contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • A new Whole-of-Government IP Portal and Community of Practice for IP Management online platform will also assist public agencies in better IP management, as well as facilitate market access to their innovations through licensing or research collaborations.

Putting the Red Dot in Green Innovation

We can all contribute towards a greener and more sustainable future. I invite you to visit the Digital Gallery, which showcases some of the innovation efforts made by various communities and industries in Singapore.

Together with NYC and TikTok, IPOS also engaged with content creators and youth leaders to raise awareness about the significance of IP and innovation in Singapore’s journey towards sustainability. 

Let us continue with our efforts to make Singapore a more sustainable and vibrant home for all.

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