Apart from patents, trade mark, designs and copyright, there are also other forms of IP, such as the layout designs of integrated circuits and digital intellectual assets.

Digital Intellectual Assets

Importance of Protecting Non-Registrable IP

Copyrighted materials, confidential information, trade secrets, know-how and research data are examples of non-registrable IP. While these IP are non-registrable, they are important to individuals and businesses for their commercial value. In this digital age, there are many ways and tools available to manage your intellectual assets strategically to prevent misuse and misappropriation. One such way is digital timestamping of intellectual assets.


What is a Digital Intellectual Asset?

A digital intellectual asset is any intangible asset that exists in a digital format, e.g. copyrighted work, trade secrets etc. One way to protect a digital intellectual asset is using digital timestamping.

What is Digital Timestamping?

It is an electronic certification that proves the existence of a file at a specific date and time, i.e. it may be used to certify the existence and possession of the digital intellectual assets at a specific point in time. This could be used as evidence that the data existed at that time during a litigation. To get verifiable and indefinitely valid evidence that the data existed at a specific point in time, you can use a digital timestamping service to safeguard your valuable intellectual assets.

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