A geographical indication (GI) provides assurance of a product's characteristics, which are attributable to its geographical origin. Read on to find out more about registering and managing GIs.

How to Register

Before applying to register a geographical indication (GI), you should check if the GI fulfils the registration criteria. Read on for more information on the registration requirements.

Here is a quick example of the registration process. Your registration process may vary, depending on your application requirements or if there are opposition proceedings.

The details of each stage of the registration process can be found below.

Step 1: Check Registration Criteria for a Geographical Indication
Does Your Geographical Indication Meet the Registration Criteria?
To register a geographical indication, it must:


  1. fall within the meaning of "geographical indication", i.e. an indication used in trade to identify goods as originating from a place that is a qualifying country or a region/locality therein, and a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the goods is essentially attributable to that place

  2. identify goods that fall within any of the following categories of goods:

    1. Wines

    2. Spirits

    3. Beers

    4. Cheese

    5. Meat and meat products

    6. Seafood

    7. Edible oils

    8. Non-edible oils

    9. Fruits

    10. Vegetables

    11. Spices and condiments

    12. Confectionery and baked goods

    13. Flowers and parts of flowers

    14. Natural gum

  3. be protected in its country or territory of origin

  4. not be identical to the common name of the goods identified by the geographical indication

  5. not be contrary to public policy or morality

  6. not contain the name of a plant variety or an animal breed

  7. not be confused with an existing geographical indication in the Register

  8. not be confused with an existing trade mark in the Register

  9. not be identical with or similar to a well-known trade mark in Singapore

  10. be applied for registration by a person who is entitled to file the application


For more information, please refer to our Geographical Indications Infopack.

Are You Entitled to File an Application to Register the Geographical Indication?
You are entitled to apply to register a geographical indication if you are either:

  1. (a) a person who is carrying on an activity as a producer in the geographical area specified in the application with respect to the goods specified in the application;

  2. (b) an association of persons referred to in (a); or

  3. (c) a competent authority having responsibility for the geographical indication for which registration is sought

Have You Checked Whether There are Existing Geographical Indications or Trade Marks Similar to Yours?
You are encouraged to search the Register of Geographical Indications and the Register of Trade Marks to ensure that there are no existing geographical indications (GIs) or trade marks that are identical with or similar to your GI. For more details, refer to our guides on how to search for geographical indications and similar trade marks.

If there is a similar or an identical geographical indication or trade mark, it is possible that your application will face an objection.
Step 2: Apply for a Geographical Indication

From Application to Registration of a Geographical Indication (GI)

It may take about 9 months for a GI to be registered (if the application did not contain any deficiency or face any objection/opposition).

The steps below outline the stages following an application to register a GI.


Formalities Check
  • At this stage, your application will be checked to ensure that the essential filing requirements are met before a filing date is accorded. 

  • If there are deficiencies, you should provide the required information within the stipulated deadline as directed. If you fail to do so, your application will be treated as withdrawn.

  • At this stage, your application will be examined to check if the application fulfils the requirements for registration. 

  • If the requirements for registration are not met or if additional information or evidence is required to meet those requirements, you will receive an examination report and will be required to provide the necessary information, amend the application or make representations in writing within 2 months. Should amendments be required, you will need to submit Form CM4 to effect the amendment. If you fail to respond within the deadline, your application will be treated as abandoned.

  • Should your application be accepted, it will be published for 6 weeks in the Geographical Indications Journal for public inspection. Any interested party may oppose the registration of the geographical indication during this period.

  • Your application will proceed to registration if it is not opposed by any party.

Opposition Proceedings
  • If your application is opposed by another party, you will receive a copy of the notice of opposition from the opponent. The application process will be suspended pending the outcome of the opposition proceeding.

  • If the outcome of the hearing is in favour of the opponent, your application will be refused. If it is in your favour, the application will proceed to registration.

You will receive a certificate of registration from IPOS and the geographical indication is granted protection for 10 years from the date of registration.
Renewal may be filed 6 months before the expiry date of the registration. Once renewed, the protection of the geographical indication will be extended for another 10 years.
Step 3: Forms & Fees for New Applications

Registering a Geographical Indication in Singapore

Form GI1 should be submitted for an application to register a geographical indication (GI) in Singapore via our e-services portal, IPOS Digital Hub

The application must include:

  1. (a) The name, address, address for service in Singapore, and nationality of the applicant

  2. (b) The capacity in which the applicant is applying for registration

  3. (c) The representation of the GI for which registration is sought

  4. (d) The geographical area to which the GI applies 

  5. (e) The goods to which the GI applies 

  6. (f) The quality, reputation or other characteristic of the goods and how that quality, reputation or other characteristic is essentially attributable to the place from which the goods originate

  7. (g) Where the GI for which registration is sought relates to a qualifying country other than Singapore, evidence that the GI has obtained recognition or registration as a GI in the qualifying country of origin

  8. (h) Application fee of S$1,500. 

Where any of the above information (except for (c)) in its native language is not in English, a suitable transliteration in English or an English translation should be provided. You may find our sample document for transliteration of non-Roman characters in GI useful.





Application to register a geographical indication


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