Future Leaders in INnovation Transformation (FLINT) Initiative is a program intended to nurture the next generation of IP-savvy young entrepreneurial students and innovators. It aims to increase awareness and utilisation of IP by entrepreneurial youths. 

Intellectual Property (IP) is everywhere - An invention with great commercial potential; a catchy business name; an artwork and even an innovative design. IP plays a central role in innovation and entrepreneurship especially in today’s knowledge-driven and competitive business environment. IP is one of the most important assets for many start-ups - businesses which have successfully harnessed their IP are amongst the world’s most profitable companies. 

Join us at IP Week @ SG 2019 for the official launch that entails a story-telling workshop curated and designed to engage with the students.
FLINT will be officially launched at IP Week @ SG 2019 (details below).

FLINT IP Week einvite
Wish to learn more about FLINT or unsure if you qualify for the program? Write to us at ipos_enquiry@ipos.gov.sg with “FLINT” in the subject header. We will be happy to arrange for a discussion to understand your needs.

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