The Future Leaders in INnovation Transformation (FLINT) initiative is a program intended to nurture the next generation of Intellectual Property (IP)-savvy youths. It aims to increase the awareness and promote the utilisation of IP by young innovators and entrepreneurial students. 

IP is everywhere - an invention with great commercial potential; a catchy brand name; an original work and even an innovative design. IP plays a central role in innovation and entrepreneurship especially in today’s knowledge-driven and competitive business environment. It is one of the most important assets for start-ups/businesses and the world’s most profitable companies are those which have successfully harnessed their IPs. 

Wish to find out more about FLINT and how you can collaborate with us? Write to us at with “FLINT” in the subject header. We will be happy to arrange for a discussion to understand your needs.

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Engagement with IHLs
Since the launch of FLINT on IP Week 2019, IPOS has received more than 400 students from various tertiary institutions including SMU, TP, SUTD, SIT and RP who attended the FLINT workshops. The participants have reflected positively on the refreshing story-telling mode of presentation, and the interactive engagement with the presenters.

Pre-launch: FLINT’s inaugural workshop at RP

Launch of FLINT at IP Week 2019
Workshop at SIT: prizes are up for grabs too


Cosy session at SUTD

Sharing & learning at TP

Story-telling session with SMU students

Get Sponsored for Further Education at IP Academy   

We invite interested students to continue their IP learning journey with us after attending our FLINT workshop. You may gain complimentary access to attend a half-day advanced IP course organized by IP Academy, an education and training arm of IPOS, if you complete the following:

1)  share your written reflection about IP after attending our FLINT workshop or on IP-related matters/news on social media (with the hashtag #iposflint in your social media post) ;


2)  complete and pass the online exam for the “DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property” program administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). More information on the course such as the registration, course and exam schedules may be found at the link provided.

Once you have completed the above, please write to us at Your email should include “FLINT” in the subject with a copy of your social media post and e-certificate from WIPO. We will get in touch with you if you have qualified for the IP course.

Complimentary access to the IP course is subject to availability, so get started on your IP learning journey with us today!

Student Funding Support for Organizing IP-related Events
Interested in organizing an IP-related event for your fellow schoolmates? We’d love to hear about it. The FLINT initiative also provides financial support for the organization of such events. 

Please submit your proposal for the event and we will assess the amount of funding to be given. For more information, please contact us at