1. Filing in duplicate: When filing form PVP 3, the accompanying "Technical Questionnaire" and representations – these documents have to be filed in duplicate. 
  2. Filing photographs:
    1. The following images are required:
      • Close-up picture of a single flower (attached to inflorescence; taken against a scale ruler); 
      • Close-up picture of a single inflorescence (attached to plant; taken against a scale ruler); 
      • A picture of the whole plant (taken against a standard 30cm ruler); and 
      • Any other picture(s) of the plant or part(s) of plant that will distinguish the variety from other varieties. 
    2. The representative colour photographs of the variety must meet the following criteria:
      • The photographs (maximum of five representations) should measure at least 15cm x 10cm;
      • The size of the image or object in question should cover as much area of the photograph as possible;
      • Printed photographs should have a non-glossy, matt finish;
      • Instant photographs taken with a polaroid camera are not acceptable
      • Photographs should be taken against a dark or black background, in sufficient light to prevent or minimise distortion to the natural colour of the plant or part(s) of the plant;
      • Printed photographs are to be submitted in a water-proof envelope or bag; and
      • Photographs must be clearly labelled with the Applicant's name, Contact Number, Proposed Denomination of the new variety, and Date of Application.