If you wish to apply for plant varieties protection, you should do it at the earliest opportunity as the system in Singapore operates on a first-to-file basis (the first person to file an application will, in general, have priority over others for the same plant variety).

Singapore, is a member of the UPOV Convention, so if you have a corresponding application filed earlier in a UPOV Convention member country, you may claim priority from this first-filed application within 12 months from the date of the first filing. Similarly, if your application is first filed in Singapore, it can be used to claim priority in a corresponding application filed in a UPOV Convention member country, provided that the corresponding application is filed within 12 months from the date of the first-filed Singapore application.

To file your application, you must complete the application form and the technical questionnaire and submit these documents with your payment to IPOS.  You may also refer to the Submission Guidelines.

PVP Application Process Flowchart

Protection for plant varieties is territorial in nature.

If you wish to obtain protection in countries other than Singapore, you will need to file separate applications in each of these countries as there is no international registration system for filing of an application for the grant of plant varieties protection.