Provisional Application

In Singapore, claim(s) are not required to be furnished at the time of filing a patent application in order to obtain a Date of Filing. However, claims should be furnished within 12 months to complete the patent application, otherwise, the application will be treated as abandoned.

A provisional application allows you to secure an early filing date for the invention with simplified filing requirement and lower patenting cost. There is a 12 months period to assess the patentability and commercial viability of the invention before committing to higher cost of patent prosecution.

In general, the Date of Filing of an application for a patent or a provisional application is the earliest date on which the documents filed at the IPOS to initiate the application satisfy the following conditions:

  1. the documents indicate that a patent is sought;
  2. the documents identify the applicant for the patent; and
  3. the documents contain something which is or appears to be a description of the invention.

If the Registrar determines that all requirements for a Date of Filing to be accorded have been complied with, it will issue the applicants with a Date of Filing Notification.

If the Registrar determines that any of the requirements have not been complied with, a deficiency letter will be issued and the applicant will have 2 months to remedy the deficiencies, failing which the application will be treated as abandoned.

The PDF icon application form and fees should be submitted within one month to complete the provisional application. Failure to do so would result in the application being treated as abandoned.

Apply via IP2SG through this PDF icon application form. Payment can be made by GIRO, debit card or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).