Patent Agents

Register of Patent Agents / Foreign Patent Agents

Official Register of Patent Agents
Updated as of 21 May 2021.

Official Register of Foreign Patent Agents
Updated as of 24 January 2019.

Patent Agent Forms

Submission to be made via LicenceOne

Patent agent Forms A and C are to be submitted at the LicenceOne portal ( SingPass login will be required to make submissions via the LicenceOne Portal.

No. Matter of Proceeding Amount ($) Form

Application for registration as a Singapore Patent Agent 150 A
Patent Agent Forms B or I (whichever is applicable) is to be submitted as supporting documents with Form A:

Certificate of Good Character

Certificate of Good Performance

Word Icon B

Word Icon I
Application for a Practising Certificate 150 C

Submissions to be made to IPOS

Please click here to submit the following form(s). We will get back to you shortly on your request and the method of payment.

No. Matter of Proceeding Amount ($) Form
1 Request to correct an error / Notice of change of particulars 20 Word Icon D
2 Request for a duplicate copy of the Certificate of Registration or Practising Certificate 150  Word Icon E
3 Complaint against a Registered Patent Agent 500 Word Icon F
4 Application for the Registration of Patent Agent to be restored 150 Word Icon G
5 Application for registration as a Foreign Patent Agent / Application for renewal of registration as a Foreign Patent Agent 300 Word Icon H

Practice Circulars

If you wish to receive our circulars via email, you may subscribe to our mailing list by emailing to let us know so that we can keep you informed in future.


4 Aug 2017 PDF icon 3/2017 PA Circular 3 (2017) - Appointment of Disciplinary Committee under Rule 16
26 May 2017 PDF icon 2/2017 Amendments to Patent Agents Forms with immediate effect
7 Apr 2017 PDF icon 1/2017 Amendments to the Patent (Patent Agents) Rules 2001 to be brought into force on 1 May 2017

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