National Security Clearance

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National Security Clearance 

A patent application may contain information which is prejudicial to national defence or public safety. In the interest of national safety, IPOS will need to assess the information contained in the application before deciding if such information could be made publicly available. 

If you are an applicant, inventor or agent residing in Singapore1, you are required to obtain a written authorisation from IPOS before applying a patent application overseas2

1: “Residing in Singapore” includes foreigners with valid pass lawfully issued to them e.g. Singapore permanent residents and work pass holders.
2:  A national security clearance is required if the application is first-filed overseas (ie: no declared priority date and is not a divisional application)

How to make a National Security Clearance Request?

You are strongly encouraged to make a National Security Clearance request via IP2SG , with a brief summary of the invention and drawings (if any). 

Upon receipt of your application, IPOS will respond within 3-5 working days. If your application requires urgent attention, you are encouraged to call us directly at (65) 6339 8616, quoting the E-file Reference Number of your application or email us at

Alternatively, you may make a National Security Clearance request via FormSG. Select request relating to Patents (P) > Submission of documents/correspondence > Upload a Section 34 Request Form.


What happens when a Patent Application is filed Overseas without Obtaining National Security Clearance?

Please write in to the Registry and include details of the patent application in question together with a brief summary of the invention, mitigating factors and your contact information. You may like to note that submission could only be made via FormSG. Select request relating to Patents (P) > Composition of Offence > Upload attachment relating to your National Security Contravention submission. 

Your submission should include:

  1. Application number, date of filing and country of filing;
  2. Details of the applicants, inventors and any other person involved in the filing (e.g. agent). Please include details such as all parties’ names, addresses and country of residency at the time of filing;
  3. Circumstance for contravention (the mitigating factors submitted should be made in relation to the applicant(s) and/or filer who is a Singapore resident);
  4. Measures that have been put in place to prevent future contravention;
  5. Contact information for IPOS to get in touch with for any clarifications.

The Registrar may, after considering the facts of the case, compound the offence not exceeding $2,000, and no further proceedings will be taken against you.

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