Webinar: Top 5 Pitfalls on Copyright for Media Creatives

Copyright and intellectual property (IP) is at the core of all content creation. With every piece of content created, copyright is automatically generated and can be extremely susceptible to infringement.

As a media creative generating content, it is important to understand and be mindful of copyright issues to protect your content copyright but also avoid infringing on others.

Join us for this complimentary “Top 5 Pitfalls on Copyright for Media Creatives” webinar jointly organised by the Association of Independent Producers, Singapore and IPOS International and supported by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) on 22 January 2021, 3 to 4pm. Hear from Paul as he shares stories, tips and advice on:

  • Copyright and IP basics
  • Copyright implications on created content
  • How to protect your copyright content and more


Programme Speaker(s) Time
Introduction by Association of  Independent Producers Singapore  (AIPRO)
Kenneth Goh
Executive Director, AIPRO Secretariat
5 mins
Presentation by IPOS International
Paul McClelland
40 mins
Q&A Session All 15 mins

For further enquiries, please email us at peter.oh@iposinternational.com or contactus@aipro.tv.




About the Speakers

Kenneth Goh
Executive Director, AIPRO Secretariat

Association of Independent Producers Singapore (AIPRO)

Paul McClelland
IPOS International and IP Academy

Banker-turned-Producer; since Oct 2019, Kenneth currently serves  as the Executive Director, AIPRO Secretariat where he helps to  serve the needs of the producing membership community of the  Association of Independent Producers in Singapore. 

Prior to this, he served as a Director, Business & Content  Development as well as a producer & distributor of original  content., where his producing credits include the ‘Salam  Ramadhan’, series food & travel series, “Halal Galore - China”,  “LOV Japan”, and “Hands of Love (大手牵小手)”, and as Producer  of “Wild Cards” a Discovery Asia’s Singapore Stories. He had  been instrumental in monetising the company’s Intellectual  Properties to the international content distribution market.

He was one the Jury member of the National Youth Film Awards  in 2016 and 2017 and was also a working committee member (28  Dec 2012 - 31 Dec 2014) of Interactive Digital Media Work Group  with Singapore Workforce Development Agency and now serve in  Design & Media Academic Advisory Committee (DMAAC) at the  Institute of Technical Education.

Kenneth had previously been an SME Banker with Maybank and  later at CIMB Bank in Singapore where his roles include being  Product Specialist and in Account Management where he served  within the Business Banking Divisions.





Paul is a Commonwealth-qualified solicitor specialising in

intellectual property law and commercial dispute resolution.

Before joining IP Academy, Paul was sole corporate counsel for  a well-known Singaporean brand, where he was responsible  for a broad range of commercial matters including worldwide  trademark registrations and oppositions, management of external  counsel, contract review, and training. During this time, he  was actively involved in the first Singaporean case concerning  ownership of a domain name.

He has experience working in private practice for both Singapore  and Scottish law firms. His practice focused on intellectual  property and commercial arbitration, including IP portfolio  management, trade mark oppositions, and the enforcement of  trade mark, copyright, and design rights.

He also taught commercial law, intellectual property, and real  estate law at a Scottish university.