Reporting Intangible Assets for Business Growth

Reporting IA for Business Growth

Intangible assets (IA), including IP, are critical drivers of economic and business value. Singapore is committed to developing as a hub for IA/IP transactions and commercialisation. Credible, trusted IA/IP valuation will be a core enabler, together with a conducive ecosystem for IA/IP disclosure and reporting.

Data, brands, technologies and know-how are just some of the world’s intangible assets (IA), which are valued at over US$65 trillion and increasingly value drivers in our digital economy. Yet, a large part of the value of these IA remains undisclosed and is estimated to represent more than 30% of global enterprise value. Might the accounting rules that determine which IA are reported in a company’s financial statements be due for a reform?

Internationally, financial reporting associations like the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) are studying the need for better reporting of IA. What steps can Singapore take to better support IA/IP-rich businesses in reporting and communicating their IA for business growth and capital raising? Join this webinar to discuss with industry experts, regulators and business owners. 


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Manda Tay

Ms Manda Tay
Deputy Director, IPOS

Prof Stefano

Keynote Speaker:
Prof Stefano Zambon
Professor of Accounting and Business Economics at University of Ferrara

Victor Neo

Mr Victor Neo
Deputy Board Chairman & Group CEO, REVEZ Corporation Ltd

Andre Toh

Mr Andre Toh
ASEAN Valuation, Modelling & Economics Leader, EY

Case Study - REVEZ Corporation Ltd

Case Study Revez Corporation

Key Outcomes




REVEZ Corp. - At A Glance

Industry type: Information Technology (IT)

REVEZ Corp. is a B2B information technology company that blends technological innovations and digital creativity to deliver an integrated suite of solutions in immersive multimedia, ICT, cybersecurity, industrial automation, smart integrated spaces, deep tech and digital media networks.

The Challenge

Given its corporate strategy of broadening capabilities and building partnerships, REVEZ Corp. wanted to identify and articulate how its intangible assets provided a competitive advantage to support its growth plans.

“As a CreativeTech company, REVEZ Corp.’s value lies not only in its tangible assets, but also in the value of its intellectual property. Being able to effectively communicate the value of our intangible assets will help us to strengthen the confidence of our employees, clients, investors and potential partners in our company.”

Mr Neo Wee Han Victor
Deputy Board Chairman & Group CEO of REVEZ Corporation Ltd


The Solution

An intangible assets audit allowed REVEZ Corp. to focus on its domain expertise and sharpen its positioning in the market as a technology innovator. The company has also put policies in place to safeguard proprietary software, algorithms and turnkey solutions to increase competitive advantage and secure business opportunities.

Recommendations such as disclosing its intangible assets using an international intangibles reporting framework also allowed REVEZ Corp. to strategically communicate the value of its reputation, expertise and intellectual property.

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