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Intellectual Property is more than just a legal concept. When understood and used properly, it can benefit your business in many ways.

Here are some information and services that you may find useful at the different stages of your IP and innovation journey.

Useful Information

IP and Innovation
Introduction to IP, its role in innovation and why it is important for your business.

IP management

Find out how good IP management can improve your business’ competitiveness in the market place.

IP advisory
Sign up for our one-to-one clinics for consultation on business or dispute issues related to IP.

IP dispute resolution
Find out what you can do when your IP is infringed.

IP funding and advisory
Learn about the various IPOS financial and non-financial assistance schemes.


Search and file your IP via our integrated e-services portal

IPOS Go Mobile App
Access key e-services on your mobile phone, such as trademark filing, renewal and IP searches.
Make an appointment for services with IPOS

Patent agent register

Engage a patent agent from the Register of Patent Agents to help you with your patent filing process.

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