Press Releases

Date Title
2020010202 Jan 2020 IPOS Welcomes Dr. Ming Tan as Managing Director of IPOS International
2020020404 Feb 2020 IPOS and SGX Launch Pilot Programme to Help Companies Identify and Communicate the Value of Intangible Assets Information to Stakeholders
2020021111 Feb 2020 Designers to Get Greater Assurance in Industrial Designs Protection as Singapore Signs On to the Locarno Agreement
2020030505 Mar 2020 Singapore’s Candidate Nominated by WIPO Coordination Committee (CoCo) for Position of WIPO Director General
2020033131 Mar 2020 IPOS Appoints IP Adjudicators to Advance Singapore's Development as a Global IP Dispute Resolution Hub
2020040606 Apr 2020 Enterprises to Benefit as IPOS Obtains ISO 9001 Certification for All Key Patent Processes
2020040909 Apr 2020 IPOS Ranked as World's Most Innovative Intellectual Property Office 2020
2020041313 Apr 2020 Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Gain Access to Intellectual Property Course during Singapore's 'COVID-19 Circuit Breaker' Period
2020042727 Apr 2020 Singapore to Offer the World's Fastest Patent Application to Grant
2020050808 May 2020 Singaporean Daren Tang Officially Appointed as the Next WIPO Director General
2020060303 Jun 2020 MinLaw and IPOS Seek Feedback on Proposed Licensing Scheme for Collective Management Organisations in Singapore
2020061515 Jun 2020 IPOS Director Named As Influential Women in IP 2020 BY World Intellectual Property Review
2020061919 Jun 2020 Appointment of new Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
2020070101 Jul 2020 Enterprises to Benefit as Singapore Furthers IP Cooperation with the Republic of Korea
2020081111 Aug 2020 Virtual IP Week (25-27 August 2020) to Tackle COVID-19 Related IP Challenges
2020082525 Aug 2020 IPOS and SBF Announce Pilot Programme to Help Businesses Improve Intellectual Property Management and Emerge Stronger from COVID-19
2020082525 Aug 2020 IPOS to Roll Out More Initiatives to Help Businesses Use IP to Thrive Amid COVID-19
2020082727 Aug 2020 IPOS Strengthens IP Partnerships to Support Enterprises Going Global
2020090303 Sep 2020 Singapore Retains Top Spot As Asia's Most Innovative Nation
2020090707 Sep 2020 MinLaw and IPOS Seek Feedback On Situations Where Circumventions of Technological Protection Measures Are Allowed
2020120707 Dec 2020 Student Mediator Features in Successful Multi-Jurisdictional IP Mediation Case