Singapore furthers IP cooperation with Cambodia to expedite quality patent grants

Singapore, 19 January 2016
 – The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has, to date, started to issue first-office-action [1] search and examination reports for patent applications filed in Cambodia, allowing businesses and entrepreneurs swifter access to a combined market of 20 million people. With Cambodia poised to ascend to the Patent Cooperation Treaty [2] , the steady continuity in intellectual property (IP) cooperation between both countries is testament to the progressive integration and development of IP within ASEAN.

2.       This progress was noted at today’s Third High Level Meeting in Phnom Penh, led by Cambodia’s Senior Minister, Minister for Industry and Handicraft (MIH), H.E. Dr. Cham Prasidh, and Chief Executive of IPOS, Mr Daren Tang.

3.       Singapore and Cambodia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last January to cooperate on IP protection and contribute to the larger development of the region’s IP ecosystem. Steady progress has been made since; IPOS is assisting MIH on patent search and examination services to expedite the grant of quality patents in Cambodia. MIH is also setting regulations for re-registration of Singapore patents in Cambodia. Both IP offices are geared towards facilitating greater IP knowledge transfer and training, and the sharing of processes and forms, to help businesses grow and expand within the larger ASEAN Economic Community.

4.       H.E. Dr. Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister, Minister for Industry and Handicraft said, “Businesses can now operate in Cambodia with greater confidence that their innovations will be protected through the patent examination services provided by IPOS. This brings us a step closer towards IP harmonisation in ASEAN, as the region advances towards being a single IP bloc.”

5.         Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive of IPOS said, “IPOS is pleased to be partnering MIH, and the rest of ASEAN, in our collective quest towards building an integrated, innovation-driven and pace-setting region in today’s global knowledge economy. We will continue to share and develop business-friendly and efficient IP processes for creators and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and gain a competitive edge in ASEAN.” 

2016-01 Cambodia release

Left to right: Senior Minister, Minister for Industry and Handicraft, H.E. Dr. Cham Prasidh, and the Chief Executive of IPOS, Mr Daren Tang< A ceremony between Singapore and Cambodia, with the handover of search and examination reports and the letters of intention from applicants to re-register their Singapore patents in Cambodia.

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[1] A first office action report is a document written by a patent examiner in response to a patent application after the examiner has examined the application. The examiner will cite prior art and gives reasons for allowing, approving and/ or rejecting the claims. 

[2] The Patent Cooperation Treaty, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization, provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its contracting states.