Press Releases

Date Title
2019030404 Mar 2019 Singapore named Asia's most innovative IP office and second in the world
2019032626 Mar 2019 Singapore Enhances Funding Scheme to Boost Republic as IP Dispute Resolution Hub
2019032929 Mar 2019 Singapore Ready to Accept Worldwide Applications for Registration of Geographical Indications
2019042626 Apr 2019 Singapore to Offer World's Fastest Patent Application-to-Grant for Artificial Intelligence Inventions
2019051616 May 2019 Temasek Rice Ready To Take On Global Market After Grant of Plant Varieties Protection
2019061313 Jun 2019 Singapore's New IP Insurance Initiative to Support Innovative Enterprises Enter Global Markets
2019080707 Aug 2019 Singapore and WIPO Center Collaborate to Reduce Copyright Dispute Mediation Costs for Creative Community
2019082121 Aug 2019 Singapore Introduces World's First Trademark Registration Mobile App
2019082727 Aug 2019 Singapore Supports Innovative Enterprises to Go Global
2019082727 Aug 2019 Singapore Enterprises Bag Prestigious Awards For Achieving Outstanding Growth, Global Competitive Advantage With IP
2019082828 Aug 2019 Singapore Grants AI Patent to Alibaba in Record Time, Launches New Initiative to Grow ASEAN'S Industry 4.0
2019090909 Sep 2019 Singapore and Kazakhstan Strengthen Economic Ties Through Intangible Assets, Intellectual Property
2019100303 Oct 2019 Singapore Raises Multilateralism and Partnerships as Critical Success Factors at UN WIPO General Assembly
2019100909 Oct 2019 Top Students in Pioneer Cohort of Master of IP and Innovation Management Programme Receive IPOS Awards from President Halimah Yacob
2019101818 Oct 2019 Singapore Maintains Top Position in Asia for IP Rights Protection: International Property Rights Index 2019
2019111212 Nov 2019 IPOS Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme Sees First Success Case, Spanning Multiple Jurisdictions
2019111414 Nov 2019 Singapore Expands IP Collaborations with Japan, China and Russia
2019112727 Nov 2019 Singapore Furthers IP Cooperation with Laos to Accelerate ASEAN's Innovation Growth