IPOS strengthens cooperation in patent worksharing with ASEAN IP offices

21 Mar 2017 – In the week of Mar 6, three exciting events took place at IP 101, IPOS’ Service Centre. Firstly, representatives from IP offices in the region gathered for the 10th ASEAN Patent Examination Cooperation (ASPEC) Task Force Meeting to explore new ways to improve patent cooperation in the region. The ASPEC is the first regional patent cooperation project for participating ASEAN member states (AMS). It allows these AMS to share search and examination (S&E) results with one another, to guide their respective S&E work. With patent applications in ASEAN growing at a steady rate, such cooperation among AMS ensure the quality and efficiency of patent S&E processes.


On the side lines of the ASPEC Task Force Meeting, IPOS also hosted the 7th ASEAN Community of Practice (CoP) for patent examiners to exchange best practices in “Computer Implemented Inventions”. The CoP saw experts from established IP5 offices, namely the European Patent Office (EPO), Korean IP Office (KIPO), Japan Patent Office (JPO) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), share their insights in the field.


At the conclusion of the week, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organised a workshop entitled, “WIPO-ASEAN Workshop on the Improvement of Patent Examination and Granting Practices though Exploitation of WIPO Centralised Access to Search and Examination (CASE)”. The WIPO CASE is a centralised system that enables patent offices to securely share S&E documentation related to patent applications, in order to facilitate worksharing programmes. The workshop explored how technology can be used to enhance the patent process in ASEAN and support businesses on the innovation front.


The events, made possible with the support of WIPO and JPO, attest to IPOS’ commitment to serve the cross-border flow of ideas and technology.

Participants of the 10th ASPEC Task Force Meeting.


Participants exchanging best practices in Search and Examination.