IPOS and US-ASEAN Business Council exchange insights on enterprise growth through intellectual property

17 May 2017 – On 8 May 2017, IPOS hosted representatives of leading U.S. companies such as Oracle, Qualcomm and Time Warner,as part of the US-ASEAN Business Council’s annual Senior Executives Business Mission to Singapore. Assistant Chief Executive (Commercialisation), Mr Tan Shau En, shared IPOS’ efforts in driving innovation and the group exchanged insights on generating economic and enterprise growth through intellectual property and innovation. 


Singapore is a regional hub for many U.S. companies ranked in the Fortune 500. An estimated 3,700 U.S. companies operate out of Singapore, employing a total of 200,000 people in Singapore1. Singapore also consistently ranks as one of the best nations in Asia for U.S. companies to do business, coming in at number one in the World Bank's "Doing Business 2015" rankings2 and number two in the World Economic Forums' Global Competitiveness Report 2015-20163.


To support the nation’s clarion call for economic re-development through innovation, IPOS is using its regulatory powers, IP expertise and networks to build a vibrant ecosystem where innovative local and foreign enterprises can effectively enforce, commercialise and monetise their IP from Singapore.   


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