IPOS and NOIP deepen bilateral cooperation with a new Implementation Workplan

On 20 Nov 2017, IPOS and the Ministry of Law warmly welcomed the delegations from Viet Nam’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP). A visit to the Treasury was made to meet Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State (Law and Finance), and to sign the 2018 Implementation Workplan with IPOS.

The 2018 Implementation Workplan, established in accordance to the Memorandum of Bilateral Cooperation between the two IP offices, will provide for deeper cooperation in the areas of IP commercialisation, patent work sharing and IP training. The workplan was signed by Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive of IPOS, and Mr Dinh Huu Phi, Director General of NOIP in the presence of Ms Indranee Rajah and H.E. Mr Chu Ngoc Anh, Viet Nam’s Minister for Science and Technology.

In line with the signing of the workplan, Ms Indranee Rajah highlighted Singapore’s commitment to collaborate with Viet Nam on innovation and IP-related efforts. She also elaborated on how both countries will contribute to strengthen bilateral ties. H.E. Mr Chu Ngoc Anh expressed his hopes for the workplan to broaden bilateral cooperation as Singapore and Viet Nam commemorate the 45th year of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2018.