Date Title
2018012929 Jan 2018 IPOS strengthens cooperation with Chinese Agencies
2018022323 Feb 2018 Chief Executive of IPOS’ official visit to Tokyo 21 to 23 February 2018
2018031414 Mar 2018 Chief Executive of IPOS calls on Indonesia’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property
2018032929 Mar 2018 ASEAN IP Offices deepen cooperation with Korean IP Office with Memorandum of Cooperation signing
2018031919 Mar 2018 ASEAN IP Offices Exchange Best Practices
2018041313 Apr 2018 New IP Adjudicators Appointed from 1 April 2018
2018050505 May 2018 IPOS Chief Executive and USPTO Director discuss cooperation in supporting innovation
2018051111 May 2018 Meeting with Guangzhou Development District (GDD) to Discuss Deepening of IP Collaboration
2018050808 May 2018 Singapore and Brazil IP Offices Hold Sharing Session
2018053131 May 2018 IPOS signs Memorandum of Understanding with Georgia’s IP office
2018060505 Jun 2018 Furthering bilateral ties with Japan Patent Office
2018062121 Jun 2018 IP Academy and Chongqing University’s School of Power Engineering to collaborate on innovation and IP competency development
2018070505 Jul 2018 IPOS celebrates our winners of the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2018
2018071111 Jul 2018 Singapore ranks 5th on the Global Innovation Index
2018080101 Aug 2018 Update to Patents Formalities Manual
2018081010 Aug 2018 Meeting with Turkey’s Minister for Industry and Technology, and TURKPATENT’s President
2018090303 Sep 2018 IPOS Chief Executive Spoke at Conference on IP for Countries Along the Belt and Road
2018092727 Sep 2018 IPOS signs MoU with Turkish Patent and Trademark Office
2018101111 Oct 2018 IPOS Assistant Chief Executive speaks at INTA Asia-Pacific Conference