A key part in your IP management journey is to defend your IP and resolve disputes, where necessary. Find suitable dispute resolution approaches, resources and guides for your needs.

IP Insurance Initiative

IP Insurance Initiative for Innovators by IPOS and Antares (underwriter at Lloyd’s)

“Your IP rights are only useful if you have the ability to enforce them. However, enforcing or defending your IP rights against infringement can be costly. You may wish to consider taking out an IP insurance policy to cover the expenses of legal proceedings.”

- Pursue potential IP infringements
- Defend IP infringement allegations
- Pursue or defend a legal action between you and your licensee

- Covers your legal costs to pursue and defend actions
- Covers the legal costs of your opponent if you are unsuccessful
- Peace of mind for you, your investors and business partners

To find out more, visit Antares Underwriting, the Lloyd's Asia insurer offering this innovative solution.

For a limited time only, Antares will offer a 20% discount on annual premiums when you quote your Singapore IP application number.1

Insurers offering IP insurance and interested to join this Initiative can contact

1While we recognise the value of IP insurance, IPOS and its subsidiaries do not warrant or guarantee the suitability of any IP insurance product for your specific purposes or needs. We do not and will not provide advice on the suitability of any insurance product for your particular circumstances. The information provided is for general information only, and cannot be substituted for professional advice. Further, IPOS and its subsidiaries receive no benefit with respect to the sale of any IP insurance policy, and the information provided does not constitute any form of endorsement or recommendation of any insurance provider or product.