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Growing with Resilience through InTangibles (GRIT) is an inter-agency initiative to partner businesses and communities to better manage and monetise their intangible assets and IP in the COVID-19 environment and beyond.

Through GRIT, we hope to provide you with the necessary information and resources as well as access to various related grants.

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Get a head-start to learning how to manage your intangible assets and IP (IA/IP) by viewing the following infopacks and other IP-related resources.

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Copyright FAQ Sheet for Creation and Online distribution of digital content by IPOS

Considerations relating to rights clearance process for content used in the digital space

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Copyright Licenses for Weddings by IPOS

Infopack relating to obtaining permission from copyright owners if you intend to play music as part of your wedding celebrations

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Copyright Licenses for Businesses by IPOS

Infopack relating to obtaining permission of copyright owners before you play music and/or videos at your business premises

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IP Business Guides by IPOS International

Comprehensive guide to various subjects such as making money from your IP, going global, or partnering for commercial advantage
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Technology scan reports by IPOS International

Reports to give you a quick overview of the current trends and insights relating to various topics such as Cloud Security, Human and Machine Collaboration, Autonomous Vehicles
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Thought leadership articles by IPOS International

Free online articles relating to managing intangible assets, global techs & trends and insider perspectives, such as protecting your brand effectively, value and impact of intangible assets in today’s digital economy

 GRIT - entertainment icon IP Arts Infopack by the Intellectual Property Students’ Association (IPSA) 
Reference guide for individuals, businesses and communities in the arts sectors who might be unfamiliar with the various concepts relating to IP
 GRIT - entertainment icon Advocates for the Arts by Law Society Pro Bono Services  A Legal handbook for the Creative Industries
 GRIT - General icon Infographic for Design Firms: What is IP And why is it important by IPOS International and Design Council This is a three-part infographic series to take producers of original and creative works through the IP process.
 GRIT - General icon IP and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Information Note by IPOS Read about the key IP issues that AI innovators should be aware of, how different types of IP rights can be used to protect AI inventions, and various initiatives IPOS has to support AI innovators on their journey.
 GRIT - entertainment icon Creative Economy Notes by WIPO A WIPO series on the digital transformation of creative industries and the evolving role of IP rights.

Case Studies

 GRIT - tour icon  GRIT Case Study - Ignite VR by IPOS  This video case study on the tourism industry highlights how VR event company Ignite VR stayed relevant in the new digital age by pivoting to software development.
 GRIT - tour icon GRIT Case Study - The Advocators & Co by IPOS  This video case study on the tourism industry highlights how local marketing and communications company The Advocators & Co pulled off an island-wide festival amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
 GRIT - tour icon GRIT Case Study -  Monster Day Tours by IPOS  This video case study on the tourism industry highlights how local tour agency Monster Day Tours adapted to COVID-19 by experimenting on digital tours and importance of their brands.
 GRIT - tour icon "Boosting Tourism Development through Intellectual Property" report by WIPO The publication helps non-IP specialists understand the connection between IP, tourism and culture.
 GRIT - entertainment icon GRIT Case Study - Jeremiah Choy by IPOS This GRIT case study on the freelance community highlights how artists can develop their freelance careers through better IP knowledge and management.
 GRIT - entertainment icon  GRIT Case Study - Ms Lou by IPOS This GRIT case study on the arts sector showcases how local musician Ms Lou builds her online followers in the music industry.
 GRIT - entertainment icon GRIT Case Study - BooksActually by IPOS This GRIT case study on the arts sector showcases how local bookstore BooksActually leverage its intangible assets to pivot to an online sales model.
GRIT - General icon Case studies by IPOS International Case studies showcasing how enterprises manage and exploit their intangible assets for business growth
 GRIT - General icon Case studies on Intellectual Property (IP Advantage) by WIPO Case studies which offer insights into how IP works in the real world, and how its successful exploitation can contribute to development.


Clinics and Advisory Platforms
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IP Business Clinic by IPOS

Free 45-minute session which allows you to discuss your IP related business concerns with an external professional consultant, on IP strategies and options for businesses. Areas of expertise include IP strategy, franchising and licensing, audits and valuation, among others.

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IP Legal Clinic by IPOS

The 45-minute session allows you to seek preliminary advice on IP Infringement, before deciding on the next course of action.  You will be required to pay a fee directly to the law firm before IPOS reimburses you for the cost of the session.
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Discover Intangible Assets by IPOS International

IA Advisory programme designed to help enterprises leverage their intangible assets (IA) and IP to maximise growth opportunities, manage risks and costs, and identify strategic partnerships to achieve business goals. This programme will take an estimated six weeks to complete

The Singapore government has various financial grants and support schemes to help content creators and businesses as they move to the digital platforms.

GRIT Sub-banner grants

 GRIT - General icon Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) by Enterprise Singapore Financial support for projects that help Singapore companies upgrade their business, innovate or venture overseas. 
 GRIT - General icon Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant by Enterprise Singapore Financial support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take their business overseas. "IP search and application" is amongst the list of supported activities under Overseas Market Setup. 

For Arts and Entertainment Sectors
 GRIT - entertainment icon Presentation and Participation Grant by National Arts Council Supports the production and presentation costs of the following types of projects in the Performing, Visual, Literary or Multi-Disciplinary art forms:
• Performances, exhibitions
• Artform publications 
• Music Extended Plays (EPs) and Albums 
• Process-driven / co-creative projects with members of the public
• Conferences / festivals

The grant scheme aims to enable a wide range of arts practitioners and organisations to continue to present quality arts activities and works that express and enrich our artistic diversity, as well as increase arts appreciation and participation in Singapore.
 GRIT - entertainment icon Market and Audience Development Grant by National Arts Council  Supports arts practitioners and intermediaries (e.g. galleries, presenters, impresarios, literary publishers) to carry out activities to build audiences, patrons, and supporters locally and overseas, including participation in festivals, trade fairs, biennales, and other platforms
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Creation Grant by National Arts Council

Supports the creation, adaptation, and re-development of distinctive artistic content to expand the canon of Singapore-made works that engage audiences at home and abroad 

 GRIT - entertainment icon  

Production Grant by National Arts Council

Supports the production and presentation of signature artistic works and platforms that can have significant impact and legacy for our arts scene in terms of artistic development and achievement, opportunities created for Singapore artists and practitioners, and reach local and international markets
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ProducersLab by Infocomm Media Development Authority


A programme under the Story Lab initiative, aims to prepare the next generation of Singapore media producers by equipping them with strong business acumen, financing and fundraising skills to help them realise their creative vision.
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WriterLabs by Infocomm Media Development Authority

Programme under the Story Lab initiative, which aims to push the boundaries of scriptwriting and storytelling for television and online platforms by nurturing and developing the skills of committed Singaporean writers
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New Talent Feature Grant (NTFG) by Infocomm Media Development Authority

Encourages first and second-time directors to launch their careers in filmmaking by helping them make films for different platforms, including cinemas, film festivals, broadcast, video-on-demand, or online platforms
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Capability Partnership Programmme (CPP) by Infocomm Media Development Authority

Helping local media companies strengthen their capabilities and increase their competitiveness by leveraging the expertise of MNC partners. The CPP programme is expected to benefit 80 to 100 local media companies over the next 12 months.
For Tourism Sector
 GRIT - tour icon Business Improvement Fund (BIF) by Singapore Tourism Board Aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business model and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity and competitiveness
For Sports Sector
Sports Resilience Package (SRP) by SportSG Under the SRP, businesses may wish to consider the following grants which cover IP components – (1) Enterprise Innovation and Capability Development Grant (development/application of technology in sports) and (2) Sports and Fitness SEP Project Grant (Hackathon) (for self-employed persons to go digital and create video-on-demand fitness classes) 

GRIT Series - Upcoming/Past Webinars

 Keep a lookout for new events coming to you soon!
Past - Tourism & MICE Sectors
 GRIT Series - IP in the Tourism and MICE Sectors
[Thursday, 27 May 2020 [2:00PM – 3:35PM, SGT]

Global travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted Singapore’s Tourism and MICE industries, forcing businesses to rethink their operating models and find alternatives in the online space.

Digital and hybrid platforms present new opportunities to monetise content and reach out to new audience. According to a survey conducted for 400 event and marketing professionals by Bizzabo last year, 60% have pivoted their events to virtual formats due to COVID-19 while 80.2% of event organisers have been able to reach a wide audience with virtual events.

At the same time, businesses may face challenges in collaborating with partners (both local and overseas), monetising their content or differentiating themselves from their online competitors. How can they also better protect and monetise their intangible assets and IP, like copyright for their content and trademarks for their brands?

Join this webinar to gain insights on how others have navigated their IP in this new environment, and tips on how you can better position yourself on online platforms and expand your footprint. Also, find out about the different types of branding as well as the relevant government schemes available to you, and be part of the revival and growth of Singapore’s tourism industry.

Past - Arts and Entertainment Sectors
 GRIT Series - IP in the Arts & Entertainment Sectors
[Tuesday, 25 August 2020 [2:30PM – 3:45PM, SGT]

What do ONE Championship, Zouk, and the local music scene have in common? Besides providing entertainment for an array of audiences, they have all been disrupted by COVID-19. Many in the arts and entertainment sectors have turned to digital platforms to carry on with performances and events.

How can businesses and creators protect their intangible assets and IP, like copyright and brands, in the digital space? What are the best practices when navigating IP issues online? This webinar explores the resilience of these businesses and artists in their pursuit to survive and thrive beyond this crisis.

Training Courses
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Online course on “Applying IP Fundamentals in Business” by IPOS International (IPOS’ subsidiary)


Learn about the four primary forms of IP (Trade Mark, Copyright, Patent and Registered Design) and their importance in your business in online modules conducted by the IP Academy. Each module is 0.5 day and qualifying companies may receive up to 90% SkillsFuture Funding.

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