IPOS offers a suite of assistance programmes that help you grow your business and expand into the global markets. Find out which is suited for your business needs and explore the opportunities that await.

SkillsFuture Study Award for IP Sector

Launched in Jan 2018, the SkillsFuture Study Award for Intellectual Property (IP) Sector is targeted at early to mid-career Singaporeans seeking to acquire or level up their IP skills. Successful applicants will each receive S$5,000, which can be used to defray expenses associated with continuing education and training for career development. The award is bond-free.

For more details on the eligibility criteria, application period and application process of the SkillsFuture Study Award for IP Sector, please visit this page here.

[NB: The Professional Conversion Programme for IP Professionals (IP-PCP) has been retired as of 31 Aug 2020 and is replaced by the more flexible SkillsFuture Study Award for IP Sector.]

Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme

IPOS will extend and enhance its Mediation Promotion Scheme (Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme ("EMPS")) for up to three years from 1 April 2019 to encourage parties in IPOS proceedings to choose mediation as an alternative to a hearing. Parties in a mediation case can receive funding of up to S$10,000 or up to S$12,000 if foreign IP rights are added to the subject-matter of mediation, regardless of the mediation outcome.

Read about PDF icon mediation cases under the Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme and a PDF icon successful mediation case which benefitted from the Mediation Promotion Scheme.

Who can apply?

  • You have an existing dispute before IPOS, and you and your counter-party agree to submit it to mediation in Singapore.
  • You agree to
  • Allow a "shadow" mediator to observe the mediation
  • Disclose your lawyer / agent fees
  • Give feedback on your mediation experience
  • Agree to named publicity, excluding details of the settlement terms
  • Co-pay at least 50% of your mediation-related lawyer / agent fees (and mediation-related disbursements charged by your lawyer / agent)
  • You and your counter-party participate in the actual mediation session on or after 1 April 2019, in any event, no later than 31 March 2022 or until the available funding is drawn down, whichever is earlier.

How to apply?

  • Submit an existing dispute before IPOS to mediation and inform IPOS of your intention to apply for funding under the EMPS, before mediation starts.
  • If you are not sure whether you will claim EMPS funding at the time you submit your dispute to mediation, you are encouraged to first inform IPOS in writing that you may do so; and update us later when you have come to a decision.
  • Submit the EMPS application form to IPOS within 1 month from the date of the payment receipt from the mediation service provider or your lawyer / agent, whichever is later.

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Grants Administered by Enterprise Singapore

Local companies may apply for the following grants that are administered by Enterprise Singapore to defray eligible IP costs.

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

  • Companies seeking to upgrade their businesses, innovate or venture overseas can defray eligible costs with EDG.
  • As of 25 October 2018, the EDG has replaced the Capability Development Grant (CDG) and Global Company Partnership (GCP) grant.
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Market Readiness Assistance (MRA)

  • Companies looking to market products and services overseas can defray up to 70% of third-party costs through the MRA grant.
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