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Enterprises own valuable IP and intangible assets, which can be tapped on for business success. Intangible assets now account for 84% of all business value in an Ocean Tomo study. In addition to IP, businesses possess valuable assets such as brands, data, regulatory approvals, and systems and processes.

Both small and large enterprises must not only protect their IP, but also realise their assets’ potential with a strong IP management strategy. We are here to help you effectively capitalise on your business’ intangible assets.

Grow Through IP and Intangible Assets with IPOS International

As the expertise and enterprise engagement arm of IPOS, IPOS International’s focus is on helping enterprises and industries use IP and intangible assets for business growth.

You can work with them to:

Getting Advice

If you need to get advice on identifying, protecting and exploiting your IP, you may consider engaging a Patent AgentLawyer or a Certified Intellectual Property Technology Consultant (IPTC).

Make an appointment to speak with a private business consultant on IP strategies and options for business or with a professional lawyer regarding IP infringement or opposition matters.

Workforce for IP-Savvy Enterprises (WISE)

With the growing importance of Intangible Assets (IA) and IP in generating enterprise value, the Workforce for IP-Savvy Enterprises (WISE) initiative is back for a second run. Jointly organised by IPOS and the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), join us to prepare your enterprise for today’s IA/IP centric economy. 
WISE social media
To find out more, check out our info-kit. To register your interest, click here.

Other Resources

Check out our Funding page for information on assistance schemes.

If you need help with establishing and growing your business in Singapore or expanding your business presence and operations globally, visit Enterprise Singapore and their SMEPortal.SG for resources and information to help you build your business.

For government grants, log in to the Business Grants Portal with your CorpPass to find and apply for the right grant for your business. The Business Grants Portal brings government grants for businesses into one place, so it is easier to find and apply for the grants you need.

Apply for funding under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme to enjoy cost savings in the form of tax deductions or allowances for the registration of patent, trade marks, designs and plant varieties, or acquisition and licensing of IP rights.  For more information on the PIC scheme, visit Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).