I never thought I would stay this long!
by Low Jin Wei, IPM Consultant, IP ValueLab


I never thought I would stay in IPOS for ten years when I first joined the (former) Enterprise Development Department in 2007 after a short stint in the private sector. My first role in IPOS was fast paced as we were ramping up a new programme known as SCOPE IP, an initiative to encourage enterprises to adopt IP management. We later also developed a similar programme for the public agencies. The engagement with the public sector gave me insights to the deep and varied considerations public agencies have regarding the handling of IP, which is often created in collaboration with private entities. 

Aside from helping companies and public agencies with IP management, I also had the chance to be part of a team that authored and published an edition of an IP management book for the public agencies. This experience taught me the importance of readability, good copywriting, clean layouts and ensuring proper permissions were obtained when writing case studies.

Just when I thought it was time to move on from IPOS, an opening for a frontline role came up. This was where I would get to build up my experience with corporate governance and operations of a service centre while still maintaining interactions with companies.

Setting up IP 101 was a significant milestone as it transformed IPOS into an organisation that prioritises the needs of businesses. Deepening my knowledge in the securitisation of IP rights and establishing relationships with colleagues in other IPOS departments were my key takeaways from my stint in IP 101. That and my up close encounters with celebrities like Nathan Hartono, a special guest performer at World IP Day 2016.
                                                Up close and personal with Nathan Hartono

After four years in the frontline, I was ready to move on again to apply the knowledge I had gained. The new IP Management (IPM) Consultants career scheme was launched in 2017 and it reminded me of the reason I joined IPOS. Having seen how the companies and the IP industry have grown from a time when people questioned the relevance of IP to their businesses, to now when 85% of large enterprises’ value is attributed to intangible assets, I can confidently say that knowing how to manage your IP is fundamental for all companies in this new era. 
  tech company
                                           Visit to one of the biggest tech companies in the world

The new role gave me the chance to travel to other countries to attract companies with good technology to Singapore, and to work with start-ups and large listed companies. These range from lifestyle companies to deep technology start-ups. Other than companies, we also get the chance to work with investors to help them with IP due diligence. My role continues to offer challenges and opportunities that goes beyond my expectations, with IPOS giving strong support throughout.

I never thought I would stay for so long in an organisation. But IPOS has offered me various opportunities every few years that I never had to look very far for new challenges and growth in my career.

                                                        Fun times with the ValueLab team