From Social Media to the World!
by Lim Hui, Manager, International Engagement Department


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but at IPOS, you will thrive with it.  

I came to IPOS as a social media marketer, up for a new challenge. After a stint at an international marketing agency promoting lifestyle products like lipsticks and beer, I wanted to take on a meatier subject—intellectual property (IP)—and make it more fun and accessible to the man on the street. With the help of a scrappy cross-departmental team, we pooled our knowledge of all things interesting in IP and IPOS and launched IPOS’ first social media presence, IPOS Facebook. 

At the same time, IPOS gave me a new domain to explore: the fast-paced world of the 24-hour news cycle. Precious soundbites in the nightly news broadcasts and sparkling quotes on the front-page of the daily newspapers were the new treasure, “mined” through hours of drafting media releases, phone calls with journalists, preparing spokespersons for interviews, and organising press conferences. IP is an essential tool in an innovation-driven economy, and we seized every opportunity to help Singaporeans and Singaporean businesses better understand and use IP for their benefit. 

Then came a new mission: representing Singapore in the international IP community. I joined IPOS’ International Engagement team, and moved from writing about developments in IP worldwide to helping to shape them. Not only do a I have a front-row seat at international meetings of senior IP officials and IP professionals—I get to play a part in setting up these discussions for success, through preparing insightful briefing materials and making thoughtful arrangements for the participants. Representing Singapore before international stakeholders is a weighty responsibility, but there is never a dull day.

At IPOS, there are many opportunities to try something new and interesting. The question is, are you up for it?

lim hui_sccr
Hui (right-most) representing Singapore at the World Intellectual Property Organization's 37th Session of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR)

lim hui_ipweek
Hosting the US delegation at IP Week @ SG 2018