Reaching Out to a New Audience during the Circuit Breaker Period 
by Jasvinder Singh, Head (Operations), IP Academy, IPOS International 


The Covid-19 pandemic was unexpected and caused fear, uncertainty and panic. Although we have always enjoyed the comforts of political and social stability as Singaporeans, we knew that we were facing something dire.

We had to very quickly adapt to new work arrangements, find best solutions for supporting our families and put on the hat of social responsibility overnight. It wasn’t easy. It's only now that we realise how much we take the comforts we have for granted.

I recall looking at our annual programme numbers and thinking that the IP Academy would have achieved new heights if not for the pandemic as we were well on our way to hitting a record number of participants for FY19. However, I will always remember a piece of advice someone once gave me - everything happens for a reason. When one window of opportunity closes, we are bound to find a new one that opens up to a brand-new view.

During the pandemic, Singapore as-a-whole faced much uncertainty and many businesses were affected. IPOS International had a wealth of knowledge on Intellectual Property and this was shared through seminars and courses. As an act of social responsibility, it was decided that we needed to do something for Singapore during this difficult period. Thus, a free online course was launched for businesses in Singapore that would help increase awareness of IP and help individuals and businesses build up their capabilities. This free course was run in partnership with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and has achieved about 3,000 sign-ups within 2.5 months.

One word clearly describes the success of this course - Teamwork. Without our management's astute guidance and help from colleagues in various departments such as Branding & Communications, Business Development, Corporate Services and the IP Academy, as well as various departments from IPOS such as Human Capital, it would not have been a success. We have received many emails from the public expressing their appreciation for this initiative and this would not have been possible without the teamwork and camaraderie that existed within the IPOS Family.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

The spirit of IPOS and IPOS International is indeed strong and I believe that there is no storm strong enough that will derail any effort when the IPOS Family puts their hearts and minds to it.

We work hard together, and we play hard together.

Jasvinder (Front Row 3rd from Right) bonding with the IPOS International colleagues over tea