Crossing Borders, Flying High
by Sun Ting, IP Strategist, IPOS International 


"As you craft your life story, deepen your roots here and participate in our community life, you will contribute your bit to the Singapore story too."- Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

When I landed in Singapore 13 years ago to pursue my Ph.D. degree, I did not immediately get immersed into the multi-racial culture of Singapore as most of my lab mates and colleagues then were Chinese nationals. Some might consider it unlucky that I spent five years pursuing my technical training and a Ph.D. degree without socialising with the locals or having a proper taste of life in Singapore.

All these changed when I joined IPOS as a Patent Examiner 5 years ago. I never imagined that I would be part of the Patent Search & Examination Unit made up of science and engineering experts of varied backgrounds. A colleague from Thailand would share with us her tailoring tips; our Consultant Examiner from the UK told us stories about her ponies; local friends taught us the Hokkien dialect and brought us to the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre to enjoy local delights; and my contribution in Chinese calligraphy at our Lunar New Year celebrations are just some of the enjoyable intercultural experiences that I have had in this big IPOS Family. Developing and growing together, we witnessed how we seized every opportunity to achieve our goal to become a world class IP office; and how our younger colleagues rose up to be the backbone of the Unit.

As for me, getting involved in patent analytics projects provides me with opportunities to keep myself abreast of cutting edge technology and conduct industry analytics from a bird’s-eye view. Surfing in the ocean of patent literature, seeking clues from massive technical data, and drawing attractive charts for visualisation and presentations keep me busy and give me a lot of fun every day. Seeing how my effort contributes to the team and finally result in a meaningful piece of work is the most exciting and fulfilling. Bit by bit, we are able to raise awareness, create impact, and harvest applause from our stakeholders.

As I transit to a different portfolio as an IP Strategist, I help enterprises identify the value and understand the importance of their intangible assets. I am eager to further enrich my knowledge and enlarge my field of vision in this role. When the organisation supports us in developing our professional skillsets in terms of mediums and resources, there is nothing stopping me from doing so. I look forward to fly higher in my career ahead.

Sun Ting (1st from the right at the back row) with the IP Strategists enjoying VR games during team bonding 

Sun Ting (4th from the left) unwinding with the IP Strategy Solutions team