Check out our resources to help you formulate and execute strategies to effectively capitalise on your business’ intellectual property.

Managing your IP

Mine Detector™

Mine Detector Masthead - v2

Are your intangible assets (including valuable IP) at risk? Is your business in the Red (high risk), Orange (moderate risk) or Green (low risk) zones?

Designed by IPOS, our risk diagnostic tool delivers a quick IP health check to enterprises in under three minutes.

Detect potential IP landmines that may endanger your business with the FREE Mine Detector™ test and mitigate your risks ahead of time.

Getting Advice

If you need to get advice on identifying, protecting and exploiting your IP, you may consider engaging a Patent Agent, Lawyer or a Certified Intellectual Property Technology Consultant (IPTC).

You can also speak with a Business Consultant through our complimentary IP Business Clinic for preliminary advice to help you grow your business with your IP.

Resources to Grow and Develop Your Business

Whether you are a start-up, small or medium enterprise or established business in Singapore seeking to expand your reach overseas, starting and growing a business can be resource intensive. However, there are various avenues to help you achieve your business goals. Check out our Funding & Assistance page for information on financial and non-financial assistance schemes.

If you need help with establishing and growing your business in Singapore or expanding your business presence and operations globally, visit Enterprise Singapore and their SMEPortal.SG for resources and information to help you build your business.

For government grants, log in to the Business Grants Portal with your CorpPass to find and apply for the right grant for your business. The Business Grants Portal brings government grants for businesses into one place, so it is easier to find and apply for the grants you need. 

Apply for funding under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme to enjoy cost savings in the form of tax deductions or allowances for the registration of patent, trade marks, designs and plant varieties, or acquisition and licensing of IP rights.  For more information on the PIC scheme, visit Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).